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Carroll, Anthony R., Kaiser, Sonya M., Davis, Rohan A., Moni, Roger W., Hooper, John N. A. and Quinn, Ronald J. (2010) A bastadin with potent and selective delta-opioid receptor binding affinity from the Australian sponge lanthella flabelliformis. Journal of Natural Products, 73 6: 1173-1176. doi:10.1021/np100010z     19 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Wu, Zhiguang, Hu, Tuanjun, Rothwell, Lisa, Vervelde, Lonneke, Kaiser, Pete, Boulton, Kay, Nolan, Matthew J., Tomley, Fiona M., Blake, Damer P. and Hume, David A. (2016) Analysis of the function of IL-10 in chickens using specific neutralising antibodies and a sensitive capture ELISA. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 63 206-212. doi:10.1016/j.dci.2016.04.016     13 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 2
White, E. T., Kaiser, L. K., He, Y., Jensen, B., Stanmore, B. R. and Firth, B. A. (1996) An approach for the laboratory investigation of coarse coal dewatering by centrifugation. Coal Preparation, 17 1-2: 47-59. doi:10.1080/07349349608905257     Cited 8 times in Scopus8
Kelaidopoulou, A., Siddle, A., Dicks, A. L., Kaiser, A. and Irvine, J. T. S. (2001) Anodic behaviour of Y0.20Ti0.18Zr0.62O1.90 towards hydrogen electro-oxidation in a high temperature solid oxide fuel cell. Fuel Cells, 1 3-4: 226-232. doi:10.1002/1615-6854(200112)1:3/4     7 0
Revell, Andrew D., Wang, Dechao, Wood, Robin, Morrow, Carl, Tempelman, Hugo, Hamers, Raph L., Reiss, Peter, van Sighem, Ard I., Nelson, Mark, Montaner, Julio S.G., Lane, H. Clifford, Larder, Brendan A., Harrigan, Richard, de Wit, Tobias Rinke, Hamers, Raph, Sigaloff, Kim, Agan, Brian, Marconi, Vincent, Wegner, Scott, Sugiura, Wataru, Zazzi, Maurizio, Kaiser, Rolf, Schuelter, Eugen, Streinu-Cercel, Adrian, Alvarez-Uria, Gerardo, Gatell, Jose, Lazzari, Elisa, Gazzard, Brian, Pozniak, Anton, Mandalia, Sundhiya, Webster, Daniel, Smith, Colette, Ruiz, Lidia, Clotet, Bonaventura, Staszewski, Schlomo, Torti, Carlo, Lane, Cliff, Metcalf, Julie, Perez-Elias, Maria-Jesus, Vella, Stefano, Dettorre, Gabrielle, Carr, Andrew, Norris, Richard, Hesse, Karl, Vlahakis, Emanuel, Barth, Roos, Hoffmann, Chris, Ene, Luminita, Dragovic, Gordana, Diaz, Ricardo, Sucupira, Cecilia, Sued, Omar, Cesar, Carina, Madero, Juan Sierra, Emery, Sean, Cooper, David, Baxter, John, Monno, Laura, Picchio, Gaston, deBethune, Marie-Pierre, Khabo, Paul and Ledwaba, Lotty (2016) An update to the HIV-TRePS system: the development and evaluation of new global and local computational models to predict HIV treatment outcomes, with or without a genotype. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 71 10: 2928-2937. doi:10.1093/jac/dkw217     4 Cited 5 times in Scopus5 2
Hiddink, Jan Geert, Jennings, Simon, Sciberras, Marija, Bolam, Stefan G., Cambiè, Giulia, McConnaughey, Robert A., Mazor, Tessa, Hilborn, Ray, Collie, Jeremy S., Pitcher, C. Roland, Parma, Ana M., Suuronen, Petri, Kaiser, Michel J. and Rijnsdorp, Adriaan D. (2018) Assessing bottom trawling impacts based on the longevity of benthic invertebrates. Journal of Applied Ecology, . doi:10.1111/1365-2664.13278     Cited 1 times in Scopus1
Hua, Quan, Barbetti, Mike, Fink, David, Kaiser, Klaus Felix, Friedrich, Michael, Kromer, Bernd, Levchenko, Vladimir A., Zoppi, Ugo, Smith, Andrew M. and Bertuch, Fiona (2009) Atmospheric C-14 variations derived from tree rings during the early Younger Dryas. Quaternary Science Reviews, 28 25-26: 2982-2990. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2009.08.013     49 Cited 53 times in Scopus53 0
Hu, Tuanjun, Wu, Zhiguang, Bush, Stephen J., Freem, Lucy, Vervelde, Lonneke, Summers, Kim M., Hume, David A., Balic, Adam and Kaiser, Pete (2019) Characterization of Subpopulations of Chicken Mononuclear Phagocytes That Express TIM4 and CSF1R. The Journal of Immunology, ji1800504. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1800504     3
Toyoizumi, T., Mick, R., Abbas, A. E., Kang, E. H., Kaiser, L. R. and Molnar-Kimber, K. L. (1999) Combined therapy with chemotherapeutic agents and herpes simplex virus type IICP34.5 mutant (HSV-1716) in human non-small cell lung cancer. Human Gene Therapy, 10 18: 3013-3029. doi:10.1089/10430349950016410     91 Cited 91 times in Scopus91 9
Codd, Veryan, Mangino, Massimo, van der Harst, Pim, Braund, Peter S., Kaiser, Michael, Beveridge, Alan J., Rafelt, Suzanne, Moore, Jasbir, Nelson, Chris, Soranzo, Nicole, Zhai, Guangju, Valdes, Ana M., Blackburn, Hannah, Mateo Leach, Irene, de Boer, Rudolf A., Kimura, Masayuki, Aviv, Abraham, Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium, Goodall, Alison H., Ouwehand, Willem, van Veldhuisen, Dirk J., van Gilst, Wiek H., Navis, Gerjan, Burton, Paul R., Tobin, Martin D., Hall, Alistair S., Thompson, John R., Spector, Tim, Samani, Nilesh J., Brown, Matthew Arthur, Bradbury, Linda A. and Pointon, Jennifer J. (2010) Common variants near TERC are associated with mean telomere length. Nature Genetics, 42 3: 197-199. doi:10.1038/ng.532     188 Cited 196 times in Scopus196 21
Schneiker, Susanne, Perlova, Olena, Kaiser, Olaf, Gerth, Klaus, Alici, Aysel, Altmeyer, Matthias O., Bartels, Daniela, Bekel, Thomas, Beyer, Stefan, Bode, Edna, Bode, Helge B., Bolten, Christoph J., Choudhuri, Jomuna V., Doss, Sabrina, Elnakady, Yasser A., Frank, Bettina, Gaigalat, Lars, Goesmann, Alexander, Groeger, Carolin, Gross, Frank, Jelsbak, Lars, Jelsbak, Lotte, Kalinowski, Joern, Kegler, Carsten, Knauber, Tina, Konietzny, Sebastian, Kopp, Maren, Krause, Lutz, Krug, Daniel, Linke, Bukhard, Mahmud, Taifo, Martinez-Arias, Rosa, McHardy, Alice C., Merai, Michelle, Meyer, Folker, Mormann, Sascha, Munoz-Dorado, Jose, Perez, Juana, Pradella, Silke, Rachid, Shwan, Raddatz, Guenter, Rosenau, Frank, Rueckert, Christian, Sasse, Florenz, Scharfe, Maren, Schuster, Stephan C., Suen, Garret, Treuner-Lange, Anke, Velicer, Gregory J., Vorhoelter, Frank-Joerg, Weissman, Kira J., Welch, Roy D., Wenzel, Silke C., Whitworth, David E., Wilhelm, Susanne, Wittmann, Christoph, Bloecker, Helmut, Puehler, Alfred and Mueller, Rolf (2007) Complete genome sequence of the myxobacterium Sorangium cellulosum. Nature Biotechnology, 25 11: 1281-1289. doi:10.1038/nbt1354     244 Cited 237 times in Scopus237 32
Kaiser, Andreas M., Orangio, Guy R., Zutshi, Massarat, Alva, Suraj, Hull, Tracy L. , Marcello, Peter W., Margolin, David A., Rafferty, Janice F., Buie, W. Donald and Wexner, Steven D. (2014) Current status: new technologies for the treatment of patients with fecal incontinence. Surgical Endoscopy, 28 8: 2277-2301. doi:10.1007/s00464-014-3464-3     15 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 4
Horton, D. A., Bourne, G. T., Coughlan, J., Kaiser, S. M., Jacobs, C. M., Jones, A., Ruhmann, A., Turner, J. Y. and Smythe, M. L. (2008) Cyclic tetrapeptides via the ring contraction strategy: Chemical techniques useful for their identification. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 6 8: 1386-1395. doi:10.1039/b800464a     25 Cited 24 times in Scopus24 0
Shini, S., Shini, A. and Kaiser, P. (2008). Cytokine and chemokine gene expression in corticosterone-stressed chickens: A new indicator of stress status?. In: Poultry Science. unknown, unknown, (36-36). unknown.     0
Glasscock, J. A., Kaiser, A., Sogaard, M., Blennow, P., Smart, S., Diniz Da Costa, J. C., Uhlenbruck, S., Baumann, S. and Hendriksen, P. V. (2010). Design and fabrication of ultra-thin metal-supported oxygen transport membranes. In: 20th Annual Meeting of the North American Membrane Society and 11th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes : NAMS/ICIM 2010: Proceedings. 20th Annual Meeting of the North American Membrane Society 2010, NAMS 2010 and 11th International Conference on Inorganic Membranes 2010, ICIM 2010, Washington DC USA, (540-542). 17-22 July 2010.     0
Boschiero, Clarissa, Gheyas, Almas A., Ralph, Hannah K., Eory, Lel, Paton, Bob, Kuo, Richard, Fulton, Janet, Preisinger, Rudolf, Kaiser, Pete and Burt, David W. (2015) Detection and characterization of small insertion and deletion genetic variants in modern layer chicken genomes. BMC Genomics, 16 1: 562.1-562.17. doi:10.1186/s12864-015-1711-1     3 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 2
Kranis, Andreas, Gheyas, Almas A., Boschiero, Clarissa, Turner, Frances, Yu, Le, Smith, Sarah, Talbot, Richard, Pirani, Ali, Brew, Fiona, Kaiser, Pete, Hocking, Paul M., Fife, Mark, Salmon, Nigel, Fulton, Janet, Strom, Tim M., Haberer, Georg, Weigend, Steffen, Preisinger, Rudolf, Gholami, Mahmood, Qanbari, Saber, Simianer, Henner, Watson, Kellie A., Woolliams, John A. and Burt, David W. (2013) Development of a high density 600K SNP genotyping array for chicken. BMC Genomics, 14 1: . doi:10.1186/1471-2164-14-59     126 Cited 130 times in Scopus130 1
Boulton, Kay, Nolan, Matthew J., Wu, Zhiguang, Riggio, Valentina, Matika, Oswald, Harman, Kimberley, Hocking, Paul M., Bumstead, Nat, Hesketh, Pat, Archer, Andrew, Bishop, Stephen C., Kaiser, Pete, Tomley, Fiona M., Hume, David A., Smith, Adrian L., Blake, Damer P. and Psifidi, Androniki (2018) Dissecting the Genomic Architecture of Resistance to Eimeria maxima Parasitism in the Chicken. Frontiers in Genetics, 9 . doi:10.3389/fgene.2018.00528     0 1
Pitcher, C. Roland, Ellis, Nick, Jennings, Simon, Hiddink, Jan G., Mazor, Tessa, Kaiser, Michel J., Kangas, Mervi I., McConnaughey, Robert A., Parma, Ana M., Rijnsdorp, Adriaan D., Suuronen, Petri, Collie, Jeremy S., Amoroso, Ricardo, Hughes, Kathryn M. and Hilborn, Ray (2017) Estimating the sustainability of towed fishing-gear impacts on seabed habitats: a simple quantitative risk assessment method applicable to data-limited fisheries. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 8 4: 472-480. doi:10.1111/2041-210X.12705     9
Ruiz, J., Cutillas, C. G., Kaiser, A. S., Zamora, B., Sadafi, H. and Lucas, M. (2019) Experimental study on pressure loss and collection efficiency of drift eliminators. Applied Thermal Engineering, 149 94-104. doi:10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2018.12.023     0 4
Hu, Tuanjun, Wu, Zhiguang, Vervelde, Lonneke, Rothwell, Lisa, Hume, David A. and Kaiser, Pete (2016) Functional annotation of the T-cell immunoglobulin mucin family in birds. Immunology, 148 3: 287-303. doi:10.1111/imm.12607     1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 4
Psifidi, Androniki, Banos, Georgios, Matika, Oswald, Desta, Takele T., Bettridge, Judy, Hume, David A., Dessie, Tadelle, Christley, Rob, Wigley, Paul, Hanotte, Olivier and Kaiser, Pete (2016) Genome-wide association studies of immune, disease and production traits in indigenous chicken ecotypes. Genetics Selection Evolution, 48 1: . doi:10.1186/s12711-016-0252-7     8 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0
Hiddink, Jan Geert, Jennings, Simon, Sciberras, Marija, Szostek, Claire L., Hughes, Kathryn M., Ellis, Nick, Rijnsdorp, Adriaan D., McConnaughey, Robert A., Mazor, Tessa, Hilborn, Ray, Collie, Jeremy S., Pitcher, C. Roland, Amoroso, Ricardo O., Parma, Ana M., Suuronen, Petri and Kaiser, Michel J. (2017) Global analysis of depletion and recovery of seabed biota after bottom trawling disturbance. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 114 31: 8301-8306. doi:10.1073/pnas.1618858114     18
Ramadan, Saadallah, Baltzer, Pascal A.T., Lin, Alexander, Stanwell, Peter, Box, Hayden, Kaiser, Werner A. and Mountford, Carolyn E. (2012) L-COSY of breast cancer at 3T. European Journal of Radiology, 81 S129-S131. doi:10.1016/s0720-048x(12)70053-0    
Kelaidopoulou, A., Siddle, A., Dicks, A. L., Kaiser, A and Irvine, J. T. S. (2001) Methane electro-oxidation on a Y0.20Ti0.18Zr0.62O1.90 anode in a high temperature solid oxide fuel cell. Fuel Cells, 1 3-4: 219-225. doi:10.1002/1615-6854(200112)1:3/4     9 0
Mountford, Carolyn E., Schuster, Christian, Baltzer, Pascal A.T., Malycha, Peter and Kaiser, Werner A. (2012) MR spectroscopy in the breast clinic is improving. European Journal of Radiology, 81 S104-S106. doi:10.1016/s0720-048x(12)70042-6     0
Dalloul, Rami A., Long, Julie A., Zimin, Aleksey V., Aslam, Luqman, Beal, Kathryn, Blomberg, Le Ann, Bouffard, Pascal, Burt, David W., Crasta, Oswald, Crooijmans, Richard P. M. A., Cooper, Kristal, Coulombe, Roger A., De, Supriyo, Delany, Mary E., Dodgson, Jerry B., Dong, Jennifer J., Evans, Clive, Frederickson, Karin M., Flicek, Paul, Florea, Liliana, Folkerts, Otto, Groenen, Martien A. M., Harkins, Tim T., Herrero, Javier, Hoffmann, Steve, Megens, Hendrik-Jan, Jiang, Andrew, de Jong, Pieter, Kaiser, Pete, Kim, Heebal, Kim, Kyu-Won, Kim, Sungwon, Langenberger, David, Lee, Mi-Kyung, Lee, Taeheon, Mane, Shrinivasrao, Marcais, Guillaume, Marz, Manja, McElroy, Audrey P., Modise, Thero, Nefedov, Mikhail, Notredame, Cedric, Paton, Ian R., Payne, William S., Pertea, Geo, Prickett, Dennis, Puiu, Daniela, Qioa, Dan, Raineri, Emanuele, Ruffier, Magali, Salzberg, Steven L., Schatz, Michael C., Scheuring, Chantel, Schmidt, Carl J., Schroeder, Steven, Searle, Stephen M. J., Smith, Edward J., Smith, Jacqueline, Sonstegard, Tad S., Stadler, Peter F., Tafer, Hakim, Tu, Zhijian (Jake), Van Tassell, Curtis P., Vilella, Albert J., Williams, Kelly P., Yorke, James A., Zhang, Liqing, Zhang, Hong-Bin, Zhang, Xiaojun, Zhang, Yang and Reed, Kent M. (2010) Multi-platform next-generation sequencing of the domestic Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo): Genome assembly and analysis. Plos Biology, 8 9: 275-281. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1000475     216 Cited 250 times in Scopus250 95
Dawood, Kaiser E., Morgan, Jess A.T., Busfield, Frances, Srivastava, Mukesh, Fletcher, Taryn I., Sambono, Jacqueline, Jackson, Lousie A., Venus, Bronwyn, Philbey, Adrian W. and Lew-Tabor, Ala E. (2013) Observation of a novel Babesia spp. in eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) in Australia. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife, 2 1: 54-61. doi:10.1016/j.ijppaw.2012.12.001   2 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 5
Lambright, E. S., Abbas, A. E., Toyoizumi, T., Coukos, G. and Kaiser, L. R. (1999). Oncolytic therapy using a mutant type-1 herpes simplex virus and the role of the immune system. In: 35th Annual Meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, San Antonio TX, United States, (1756-1761). 24-29 January 1999. doi:10.1016/S0003-4975(99)00852-8     15 Cited 14 times in Scopus14 6
Boulton, Kay, Nolan, Matthew J., Wu, Zhiguang, Psifidi, Androniki, Riggio, Valentina, Harman, Kimberley, Bishop, Stephen C., Kaiser, Pete, Abrahamsen, Mitchell S., Hawken, Rachel, Watson, Kellie A., Tomley, Fiona M., Blake, Damer P. and Hume, David A. (2018) Phenotypic and genetic variation in the response of chickens to Eimeria tenella induced coccidiosis. Genetics Selection Evolution, 50 1: . doi:10.1186/s12711-018-0433-7     1 0 3
Garcia-Morales, Carla, Rothwell, Lisa, Moffat, Lindsey, Garceau, Valerie, Balic, Adam, Sang, Helen M., Kaiser, Pete and Hume, David A. (2014) Production and characterisation of a monoclonal antibody that recognises the chicken CSF1 receptor and confirms that expression is restricted to macrophage-lineage cells. Developmental and Comparative Immunology, 42 2: 278-285. doi:10.1016/j.dci.2013.09.011     6 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 2
Kaiser, P., Wu, Z., Rothwell, L., Fife, M., Gibson, M., Poh, T-Y., Shini, A., Bryden, W. L. and Shini, S. (2009) Prospects for understanding immune-endocrine interactions in the chicken. General and Comparative Endocrinology, 163 1-2: 83-91. doi:10.1016/j.ygcen.2008.09.013     25 Cited 25 times in Scopus25 0
Land, S., Tu, E., Swenson, L., Kelleher, A., Kaye, S., Pett, S. L., Emery, S., Kaiser, R., Silk, D., Berthon-Jones, N. and Harrigan, P. R. (2013). Proviral DNA testing of HIV tropism in the Maraviroc Switch Collaborative Study (MARCH) - results of a three-phase quality assurance (QA) programme. In: Antiviral Therapy. International Workshop on HIV and Hepatitis Virus Drug Resistance and Curative Strategies, Toronto Canada, (A144-A144). Jun 04-08, 2013.     0
Richardson, E. A., Kaiser, M. J., Edwards-Jones, G. and Possingham, H. P. (2006) Sensitivity of marine-reserve design to the spatial resolution of socioeconomic data. Conservation Biology, 20 4: 1191-1202. doi:10.1111/j.1523-1739.2006.00426.x     73 Cited 73 times in Scopus73 0
Psifidi, A., Fife, M., Howell, J., Matika, O., van Diemen, P. M., Kuo, R., Smith, J., Hocking, P. M., Salmon, N., Jones, M. A., Hume, D. A., Banos, G., Stevens, M. P. and Kaiser, P. (2016) The genomic architecture of resistance to Campylobacter jejuni intestinal colonisation in chickens. BMC Genomics, 17 293: . doi:10.1186/s12864-016-2612-7     7 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 6
Mazor, Tessa K., Pitcher, C. Roland, Ellis, Nick, Rochester, Wayne, Jennings, Simon, Hiddink, Jan Geert, McConnaughey, Robert A., Kaiser, Michel J., Parma, Ana M., Suuronen, Petri, Kangas, Mervi and Hilborn, Ray (2017) Trawl exposure and protection of seabed fauna at large spatial scales. Diversity and Distributions, 23 11: 1280-1291. doi:10.1111/ddi.12622     2
Birring, Surinder S., Kavanagh, Joanne E., Irwin, Richard S., Keogh, Karina A., Lim, Kaiser G., Ryu, Jay H., Collaborators and Newcombe, Peter A. (2018) Treatment of interstitial lung disease associated cough CHEST guideline and expert panel report. Chest, 154 4: 904-917. doi:10.1016/j.chest.2018.06.038     0 0 59
Shini, S., Huff, G. R., Shini, A. and Kaiser, P. (2010) Understanding stress-induced immunosuppression: Exploration of cytokine and chemokine gene profiles in chicken peripheral leukocytes. Poultry Science, 89 4: 841-851. doi:10.3382/ps.2009-00483     54 Cited 58 times in Scopus58 0
Shini, S., Huff, G.R., Shini, A. and Kaiser, P. (2010). Understanding stress-induced immunosuppression: Exploration of cytokine and chemokine gene profiles in chicken peripheral leukocytes. In: Symposium on Tomorrows Poultry - Genomics, Physiology and Well Being, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A., (841-851). 20-23 July, 2009. doi:10.3382/ps.2009-00483     54 Cited 59 times in Scopus59 0
Balic, Adam, Garcia-Morales, Carla, Vervelde, Lonneke, Gilhooley, Hazel, Sherman, Adrian, Garceau, Valerie, Gutowska, Maria W., Burt, David W., Kaiser, Pete, Hume, David A. and Sang, Helen M. (2014) Visualisation of chicken macrophages using transgenic reporter genes: insights into the development of the avian macrophage lineage. Development, 141 16: 3255-3265. doi:10.1242/dev.105593     26 Cited 29 times in Scopus29 3
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