Workplace reform at the South East Queensland Electricity Board, 1984-1994

Simmons, David E. and Bramble, Thomas (1996) Workplace reform at the South East Queensland Electricity Board, 1984-1994. Journal of Industrial Relations, 38 2: 213-240. doi:10.1177/002218569603800203

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Author Simmons, David E.
Bramble, Thomas
Title Workplace reform at the South East Queensland Electricity Board, 1984-1994
Journal name Journal of Industrial Relations   Check publisher's open access policy
ISSN 0022-1856
Publication date 1996-06
Sub-type Article (original research)
DOI 10.1177/002218569603800203
Open Access Status File (Author Post-print)
Volume 38
Issue 2
Start page 213
End page 240
Total pages 28
Editor Braham Dabscheck
Place of publication Sydney, NSW, Australia
Publisher Sage
Language eng
Subject 350203 Industrial Relations
Formatted abstract
This paper explores workplace reform at the South East Queensland Electricity Board (SEQEB) in the period from 1984 to 1994. Workplace reform was introduced in the mid-1980s in the context of a change in senior management, the defeat of the major union after a prolonged industrial dispute, and increasing pressure from the Queensland Government for the Board to adopt a more commercial orientation. The major theme of the workplace reform programme at SEQEB was the attempt to change from a culture driven by engineers and production to one focussed on customers and marketing, driven by the philosophies of total quality management. The key components were an increased emphasis on workforce training and the implementation of teamworking and benchmarking. While certain benefits were evident for the corporation in terms of raising productivity and quality of service, attempts to instil an atmosphere of teamwork had mixed results.
Keyword Workplace change
Electricity generation
Workplace reform
South East Queensland Electricity Board
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