Fusion between Phagosomes, Early and Late Endosomes: A Role for Actin in Fusion between Late, but Not Early Endocytic Organelles

Kjeken, Rune, Egeberg, Morten, Habermann, Anja, Kuehnel, Mark, Peyron, Pascale, Floetenmeyer, Matthias, Walther, Paul, Jahraus, Andrea, Defacque, Hélène, Kuznetsov, Sergei A. and Griffiths, Gareth (2004) Fusion between Phagosomes, Early and Late Endosomes: A Role for Actin in Fusion between Late, but Not Early Endocytic Organelles. Molecular Biology of The Cell, 15 1: 345-358. doi:10.1091/mbc.E03-05-0334

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Author Kjeken, Rune
Egeberg, Morten
Habermann, Anja
Kuehnel, Mark
Peyron, Pascale
Floetenmeyer, Matthias
Walther, Paul
Jahraus, Andrea
Defacque, Hélène
Kuznetsov, Sergei A.
Griffiths, Gareth
Title Fusion between Phagosomes, Early and Late Endosomes: A Role for Actin in Fusion between Late, but Not Early Endocytic Organelles
Journal name Molecular Biology of The Cell   Check publisher's open access policy
ISSN 1059-1524
Publication date 2004-01-01
Year available 2004
Sub-type Article (original research)
DOI 10.1091/mbc.E03-05-0334
Open Access Status File (Publisher version)
Volume 15
Issue 1
Start page 345
End page 358
Total pages 14
Place of publication Bethesda MD
Publisher American Society for Cell Biology
Language eng
Subject 0601 Biochemistry and Cell Biology
06 Biological Sciences
Abstract Actin is implicated in membrane fusion, but the precise mechanisms remain unclear. We showed earlier that membrane organelles catalyze the de novo assembly of F-actin that then facilitates the fusion between latex bead phagosomes and a mixture of early and late endocytic organelles. Here, we correlated the polymerization and organization of F-actin with phagosome and endocytic organelle fusion processes in vitro by using biochemistry and light and electron microscopy. When membrane organelles and cytosol were incubated at 37°C with ATP, cytosolic actin polymerized rapidly and became organized into bundles and networks adjacent to membrane organelles. By 30-min incubation, a gel-like state was formed with little further polymerization of actin thereafter. Also during this time, the bulk of in vitro fusion events occurred between phagosomes/endocytic organelles. The fusion between latex bead phagosomes and late endocytic organelles, or between late endocytic organelles themselves was facilitated by actin, but we failed to detect any effect of perturbing F-actin polymerization on early endosome fusion. Consistent with this, late endosomes, like phagosomes, could nucleate F-actin, whereas early endosomes could not. We propose that actin assembled by phagosomes or late endocytic organelles can provide tracks for fusion-partner organelles to move vectorially toward them, via membrane-bound myosins, to facilitate fusion.
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