Pesticide Avoidance: Results From a Sri Lankan Study with Health and Environmental Policy Implications

Wilson, C. (1999) Pesticide Avoidance: Results From a Sri Lankan Study with Health and Environmental Policy Implications. Discussion Paper No 264, Department of Economics, The University of Queensland.

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Author Wilson, C.
Title Pesticide Avoidance: Results From a Sri Lankan Study with Health and Environmental Policy Implications
School, Department or Centre Department of Economics
Institution The University of Queensland
Open Access Status Other
Report Number Discussion Paper No 264
Publication date 1999-10-01
Subject 321201 Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety
340202 Environment and Resource Economics
340201 Agricultural Economics
Abstract/Summary In this paper the contingent valuation method (CVM) is used to elicit bids/values to avoid direct exposure to pesticides and the resulting illnesses among subsistence farmers in a developing country, namely Sri Lanka. Farmers using pesticides on their farms suffer from short-term as well as long-term illnesses. Deaths from direct exposure to pesticides are not uncommon. The CVM is used to determine the yearly value to an average farmer of avoiding the costs of direct exposure to pesticides and to calculate the pesticide cost scenarios for the entire country. The last section of the paper examines the factors that influence the willingness to pay (WTP) to avoid direct exposure to pesticides and the resulting illnesses and discuss the health and environmental policy implications stemming from the regression analysis.
Keyword Contingent valuation method
Subsistence farming - Sri Lanka
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