Hydraulic Jumps: Bubbles and Bores

Chanson, Hubert (2007). Hydraulic Jumps: Bubbles and Bores. In: Peter Jacobs, Tim McIntyre, Matthew Cleary, David Buttsworth, David Mee, Rose Clements, Richard Morgan and Charles Lemckert, 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC). 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC), Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, (39-53). 3-7 December, 2007.

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Author Chanson, Hubert
Title of paper Hydraulic Jumps: Bubbles and Bores
Conference name 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC)
Conference location Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Conference dates 3-7 December, 2007
Proceedings title 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (AFMC)
Journal name Proceedings of the 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, 16AFMC
Place of Publication Brisbane, Australia
Publisher The University of Queensland
Publication Year 2007
Year available 2007
Sub-type Fully published paper
Open Access Status File (Author Post-print)
ISBN 978-1-864998-94-8
Editor Peter Jacobs
Tim McIntyre
Matthew Cleary
David Buttsworth
David Mee
Rose Clements
Richard Morgan
Charles Lemckert
Start page 39
End page 53
Total pages 15
Collection year 2008
Language eng
Abstract/Summary The hydraulic jump is the sudden transition from a high-velocity open channel flow regime to a subcritical flow motion. The flow properties may be solved using continuity and momentum considerations. In this plenary lecture, recent advances in turbulent hydraulic jumps are reviewed: the non-breaking undular hydraulic jump, the positive surge and tidal bore, and the air bubble entrainment in hydraulic jumps with roller. This keynote lecture demonstrates that the hydraulic jump is a fascinating turbulent flow motion that remains poorly understood.
Subjects 240000 Physical Sciences
240500 Classical Physics
240502 Fluid Physics
290000 Engineering and Technology
290800 Civil Engineering
290802 Water and Sanitary Engineering
291800 Interdisciplinary Engineering
291803 Turbulent Flows
770400 Coastal and Estuarine Environment
Keyword Hydraulic jumps
Air bubbles
Tidal bores
Air entrainment
Positives surges
Undular hydraulic jumps
Bubbly flows
Dynamic similarity
Scale effects
Unsteady turbulence measurements
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Additional Notes This is an invited plenary address. The full bibliographic details are : CHANSON, H. (2007). "Hydraulic Jumps: Bubbles and Bores." Proc. 16th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference AFMC, Gold Coast, Australia, 2-7 December, P. JACOBS, T. McINTYRE, M. CLEARY, D. BUTTSWORTH, D. MEE, R. CLEMENTS, R. MORGAN, C. LEMCKERT Eds., Plenary Address, pp. 39-53 (CD-ROM) (ISBN 978-1-864998-94-8).

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