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 Browse by Socio-Economic Objective (1998) The SEO Classification allows R&D data to be classified according to the researcher's perceived purpose. The purpose categories take account of processes, products, health, education and other social and environmental aspects of particular interest. -> Division 2 - Economic Development -> 640000 - Mineral Resources (Excl. Energy) -> 640100 Exploration :

640101 Iron ores (i.e. ferrous ores) (1)
640102 Aluminium ores (0)
640103 Precious (noble) metal ores (4)
640104 Titanium minerals, zircon, and rare earth metal ores (e.g. monazite) (0)
640105 Other non-ferrous ores (e.g. copper, zinc) (7)
640106 Stone and clay (0)
640199 Other non-metallic minerals (incl. diamonds) (1)

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