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 Browse by Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines The Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines (Australian Standard Research Classification) is published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS catalogue number 1297.0) 1998. ABS data is used with permission from the Australian Bureau of Statistics -> 340000 Economics -> 340200 Applied Economics :

340201 Agricultural Economics (224)
340202 Environment and Resource Economics (394)
340203 Finance Economics (78)
340204 Health Economics (64)
340205 Industry Economics and Industrial Organisation (83)
340206 International Economics and International Finance (101)
340207 Labour Economics (86)
340208 Macroeconomics (incl. Monetary and Fiscal Theory) (38)
340209 Public Sector Economics (44)
340210 Welfare Economics (35)
340211 Transport Economics (5)
340212 Economic Geography (18)
340213 Economic Development and Growth (191)
340214 Urban and Regional Economics (49)
340299 Applied Economics not elsewhere classified (84)

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