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Jory, Patrick (2014, October 08). An ailing king and succession intrigue put coup leaders on edge. The Conversation, . 11  
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Jory, Patrick (2012) "Karl Popper and Thailand's Political Crisis: the monarchy as the problem for an 'open society'" [IN THAI]. Ān: wārasān rāi sāmdư̄an phưa kānʻān, 4 1: 154-167. 223 11
Jory, Patrick (2008). Luang Pho Thuat and the integration of patani. In Michael J. Montesano and Patrick Jory (Ed.), Thai South and Malay North : Ethnic interactions on a plural peninsula (pp. 292-303) Singapore: National University of Singapore Press. 44 2
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Jory, Patrick (2011) Problems of modernity in Patani and Thailand: The emergence of "the people" in Patani's past and present. รุไบยาต : วารสารวิชาการด้านเอเชียศึกษา, 2 3: 35-48. 98 11
Jory, Patrick (2014). Republicanism in Thai history. In: 12th International Conference on Thai Studies, Camperdown, NSW, Australia, (). 22-24 April, 2014. 31  
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