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Bottle, Steven E., Hanson, Graeme R. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2003) Application of the new EPR spin trap 1,1,3-trimethylisoindole N-oxide (TMINO) in trapping HO. and related biologically important radicals. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 1 14: 2585-2589. doi:10.1039/b300644a 102   17 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 0
El-Hoss, Jad, Micallef, Aaron S., Fairfull-Smith, Kathryn E., Bottle, Steven E., Little, David G. and Schindeler, Aaron (2011) Assessment of tumor prevention in Type 1 Neurofibromatosis using a Nitroxide Compound. Free Radicals and Antioxidants, 1 3: 13-18. doi:10.5530/ax.2011.3.3 74 1 0
Micallef, AS, Bott, RC, Bottle, SE, Smith, G, White, JM, Matsuda, K and Iwamura, H (1999) Brominated isoindolines: precursors to functionalised nitroxides. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 2, 1: 65-71. doi:10.1039/a806884d 25   18 0
Shen, J., Bottle, S., Khan, N., Grinberg, O., Reid, D., Micallef, A. and Swartz, H. (2002) Development of isoindoline nitroxides for EPR oximetry in viable systems. Applied Magnetic Resonance, 22 3: 357-368. 103   22
Micallef, AS and Bottle, SE (1997) Diatomic sulfur detection by butadiene and norbornene: A cautionary note. Tetrahedron Letters, 38 13: 2303-2306. doi:10.1016/S0040-4039(97)00299-2 20   5 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0
Arnold, D. P., Palmer, R. C., Hanson, G. R. and Micallef, Aaron (2008). Electron paramagnetic resonance studies of nitroxide-annulated phthalocyanines. In: Erica Maddock and Graeme R. Hanson, 6th Asia Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium (APES 2008). 6th Asia Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium (APES 2008), Cairns, Australia, (). 13-18 July 2008. 54  
Sato, Hideo, Bottle, Steven E., Blinco, James P., Micallef, Aaron S., Eaton, Gareth R. and Eaton, Sandra S. (2008) Electron spin–lattice relaxation of nitroxyl radicals in temperature ranges that span glassy solutions to low-viscosity liquids. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 191 1: 66-77. doi:10.1016/j.jmr.2007.12.003 40   24 Cited 24 times in Scopus24 0
Smith, CD, Bartley, JP, Bottle, SE, Micallef, AS and Reid, DA (2000) Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of stable nitroxide free radicals and two isoindoline nitroxide dimers. Journal of Mass Spectrometry, 35 5: 607-611. doi:10.1002/(SICI)1096-9888(200005)35:5<607::AID-JMS967>3.3.CO;2-Z 18   13 0
Bottle, SE, Gillies, DG, Micallef, AS, Reid, DA and Sutcliffe, LH (1999) ESR measurements of the partitioning of some new spin probes in n-octanol-water. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry, 37 10: 730-734. doi:10.1002/(SICI)1097-458X(199910)37:10<730::AID-MRC530>3.3.CO;2-5 17   10 0
Pfrunder, Michael C., Micallef, Aaron S., Rintoul, Llewellyn, Arnold, Dennis P., Davy, Karl J. P. and McMurtrie, John (2012) Exploitation of the Menshutkin reaction for the controlled assembly of halogen bonded architectures incorporating 1,2-diiodotetrafluorobenzene and 1,3,5-triiodotrifluorobenzene. Crystal Growth and Design, 12 2: 714-724. doi:10.1021/cg201017r 83   4 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Hanson, Graeme R., Jensen, Paul, McMurtrie, John, Rintoul, Llew and Micallef, Aaron S. (2009) Halogen bonding between an Isoindoline Nitroxide and 1,4-Diiodotetrafluorobenzene: New tools and tectons for self-assembling organic spin systems. Chemistry: A European Journal, 15 16: 4156-4164. doi:10.1002/chem.200801920 97   31 Cited 32 times in Scopus32 0
Blinco, James P., Fairfull-Smith, Kathryn E., Micallef, Aaron S. and Bottle, Steven E. (2010) Highly efficient, stoichiometric radical exchange reactions using isoindoline profluorescent nitroxides. Polymer Chemistry, 1 7: 1009-1012. doi:10.1039/c0py00015a 63 2 15 Cited 14 times in Scopus14 0
Bottle, SE, Chand, U and Micallef, AS (1997) Hydrogen abstraction from unactivated hydrocarbons using a photochemically excited isoindoline nitroxide. Chemistry Letters, 9: 857-858. doi:10.1246/cl.1997.857 32   12 0
Sato, H., Kathirvelu, V., Fielding, A., Blinco, J. P., Micallef, A. S., Bottle, S. E., Eaton, S. S. and Eaton, G. R. (2007) Impact of molecular size on electron spin relaxation rates of nitroxyl radicals in glassy solvents between 100 and 300 K. Molecular Physics, 105 15 & 16: 2137-2151. doi:10.1080/00268970701724966 42   21 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Blakey, Idriss, Merican, Zul, Rintoul, Llewellyn, Chuang, Ya-Mi, Jack, Kevin S. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2012) Interactions of iodoperfluorobenzene compounds with gold nanoparticles. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 10: 3604-3611. doi:10.1039/c2cp23809h 48   9 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0
Pfrunder, Michael C., Micallef, Aaron S., Rintoul, Llewellyn, Arnold, Dennis P., Davy, Karl J. P. and McMurtrie, John (2014) Isostructural co-crystals derived from molecules with different supramolecular topologies. Crystal Growth and Design, 14 11: 6041-6047. doi:10.1021/cg501210t 24   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Kulis, Jakov, Bell, Craig A., Micallef, Aaron S. and Monteiro, Michael J. (2010) Kinetic analysis of nitroxide radical coupling reactions mediated by CuBr. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 48 10: 2214-2223. doi:10.1002/pola.23991 67   32 Cited 32 times in Scopus32 0
Micallef, Aaron, Bottle, Steven., Blinco, James and George, Graeme (2008). Monitoring free radical reactions in degrading polymers with a profluorescent nitroxide. In Mathias C. Celina and Roger A. Assink (Ed.), Polymer durability and radiation effects (pp. 59-69) Washington, D.C., U. S.: American Chemical Society. 39  
Micallef, A, Blinco, J and George, G (2008). Monitoring free radical reactions in degrading polymers with a pro-fluorescent nitroxide. In: Polymer Durability and Radiation Effects. Symposium on Polymer Performance and Degradation held at Pacifichem 2005 Conference, Honolulu HI, (59-69). December, 2005. 46   6
Smith, C. D., Bott, R. C., Bottle, S. E., Micallef, A. S. and Smith, G. (2002) New isoindoline aminoxyl based polyradicals for spin probes and molecular magnetic materials. Journal of The Chemical Society-perkin Transactions 2, 3: 533-537. doi:10.1039/b109485h 77   9 0
Arnold, D. P., Hanson, G. R., Kulis, J., McDougall, N. A., Micallef, A. S., Monteiro, M. J and Whittaker, M. R. (2008). Nitroxide-annulated phthalocyanines: Towards new profluorescent probes, photosensitisers and photoactive polymers. In: SPIN 2008, 5th International Conference on Nitroxide Radicals, Ancona, Italy, ((L6)). 7-11 September, 2008. 65  
Sylvester, Paul D., Ryan, Helen E., Smith, Craig D., Micallef, Aaron S., Schiesser, Carl H. and Wille, Uta (2013) Perylene-based profluorescent nitroxides for the rapid monitoring of polyester degradation upon weathering: an assessment. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 98 10: 2054-2062. doi:10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2013.07.006 28   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Nozaki, Mikito, Nakazawa, Shigeaki, Nishida, Shinsuke, Sugisaki, Kenji, Sato, Kazunobu, Shiomi, Daisuke, Toyota, Kazuo, Micallef, Aaron S., Hanson, Graeme R., Morita, Yasushi, Kitagawa, Masahiro and Takui, Takeji (2010). Phthalocyanine-based tetranitroxide multi-radical as a weakly exchange-coupled electron/nuclear spin-qubit system with tetragonal-symmetric degeneracy. In: Hong-In Lee, APES2010 Scientific Program. APES2010: 7th Asia-Pacific EPR/ESR Symposium, Jeju Island, South Korea, (101-101). 10-14 October 2010. 118  
Colwell, John M., Walker, James R., Blinco, James P., Micallef, Aaron S., George, Graeme A. and Bottle, Steven E. (2010) Profluorescent nitroxides: Thermo-oxidation sensors for stabilised polypropylene. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 95 10: 2101-2109. doi:10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2010.06.019 45   5 Cited 5 times in Scopus5 0
Kulis, Jakov, Bell, Craig A., Micallef, Aaron S., Jia, Zhongfan and Monteiro, Michael J. (2009) Rapid, selective, and reversible nitroxide radical coupling (NRC) reactions at amibient temperature. Macromolecules, 42 21: 8218-8227. doi:10.1021/ma9014565 127   79 Cited 80 times in Scopus80 0
Bottle, Steven E. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2003) Synthesis and EPR spin trapping properties of a new isoindole-based nitrone: 1,1,3-trimethylisoindole N-oxide (TMINO). Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 1 14: 2581-2584. doi:10.1039/b300642e 58   24 Cited 23 times in Scopus23 0
Baum, Sven M., Trabanco, Andres A., Montalban, Antonio G., Micallef, Aaron S., Zhong, Chang, Meunier, Hubert G., Suhling, Klaus, Phillips, David, White, Andrew J. P., Williams, David J., Barrett, Anthony G. M. and Hoffman, Brian M. (2003) Synthesis and reactions of aminoporphyrazines with annulated five- and seven-membered rings. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 68 5: 1665-1670. doi:10.1021/jo026484u 65   51 Cited 52 times in Scopus52 0
Barrett, Anthony G. M., Hanson, Graeme R., White, Andrew J. P., Williams, David J. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2007) Synthesis of nitroxide-functionalized phthalocyanines. Tetrahedron, 63 24: 5244-5250. doi:10.1016/j.tet.2007.03.170 104   16 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 0
Bottle, SE, Gillies, DG, Hughes, DL, Micallef, AS, Smirnov, AI and Sutcliffe, LH (2000) Synthesis, single crystal X-ray structure and W-band (95 GHz) EPR spectroscopy of a new anionic isoindoline aminoxyl: synthesis and characterisation of some derivatives. Journal of the Chemical Society-Perkin Transactions 2, 7: 1285-1291. doi:10.1039/b002497j 19   18 0
Micallef, AS, Blinco, JP, George, GA, Reid, DA, Rizzardo, E, Thang, SH and Bottle, SE (2005) The application of a novel profluorescent nitroxide to monitor thermo-oxidative degradation of polypropylene. Polymer Degradation And Stability, 89 3: 427-435. doi:10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2005.01.030 70   31 Cited 32 times in Scopus32 0
Khan, Nadeem, Blinco, James P., Bottle, Steven E., Hosokawa, Kazuyuki, Swartz, Harold M. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2011) The evaluation of new and isotopically labeled isoindoline nitroxides and an azaphenalene nitroxide for EPR oximetry. Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 211 2: 170-177. doi:10.1016/j.jmr.2011.05.007 52   11 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Reid, DA, Bottle, SE and Micallef, AS (1998) The synthesis of water soluble isoindoline nitroxides and a pronitroxide hydroxylamine hydrochloride UV-VIS probe for free radicals. Chemical Communications, 17: 1907-1908. doi:10.1039/a805228j 27   24 0
Reid, DA, Bottle, SE and Micallef, AS (1998) The synthesis of water soluble isoindoline nitroxides and a pronitroxide hydroxylamine hydrochloride UV-VIS probe for free radicals (pg 1907, 1998). Chemical Communications, 19: 2165-2165. 26   0
Rintoul, L., Micallef, A. and Bottle, S. (2008) The vibrational group frequency of the N-O• stretching band of nitroxide stable free radicals. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 70 4: 713-717. doi:10.1016/j.saa.2007.08.017 237   18 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Rintoul, L., Micallef, A. S., Reid, D. A. and Bottle, S. E. (2006) The vibrational spectrum of the stable free radical 1,1,3,3-tetramethylisoindolin-2-yloxyl. Spectrochimica Acta Part A-molecular And Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 63 2: 398-402. doi:10.1016/j.saa.2005.05.026 237   6 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0
Kulis, J, Bell, CA, Micallef, AS and Monteiro, MJ (2010) Ultrafast and reversible multiblock formation by the SET-nitroxide radical coupling reaction. Australian Journal of Chemistry, 63 8: 1227-1236. doi:10.1071/CH10092 71   24 Cited 24 times in Scopus24 0
Davy, Karl J. P., McMurtrie, John, Rintoul, Llew, Bernhardt, Paul V. and Micallef, Aaron S. (2011) Vapour phase assembly of a halogen bonded complex of an isoindoline nitroxide and 1,2-diiodotetrafluorobenzene. CrystEngComm, 13 16: 5062-5070. doi:10.1039/c1ce05344b 51   8 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0