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Weisbecker, Vera, Ashwell, Ken and Fisher, Diana (2013) An improved body mass dataset for the study of marsupial brain size evolution. Brain Behavior and Evolution, 82 2: 81-82. doi:10.1159/000348647 35   2 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Hagger, Valerie, Fisher, Diana, Schmidt, Susanne and Blomberg, Simon (2013) Assessing the vulnerability of an assemblage of subtropical rainforest vertebrate species to climate change in south-east Queensland. Austral Ecology, 38 4: 465-475. doi:10.1111/j.1442-9993.2012.02437.x 59   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Fisher, Diana (1999). Behavioural ecology and demography of the bridled nailtail wallaby, Onychogalea fraenata PhD Thesis, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Queensland. 312 45
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Nuske, Susan, Fisher, Diana and Seddon, Jennifer (2014) Common species affects the utility of non-invasive genetic monitoring of a cryptic endangered mammal: the bridled nailtail wallaby. Austral Ecology, 39 6: 633-642. doi:10.1111/aec.12124 15   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 1
Fisher, D. O., Blomberg, S. P. and Owens, I. P. (2002) Convergent maternal care strategies in ungulates and macropods. Evolution, 56 1: 167-176. doi:10.1554/0014-3820(2002)056[0167:CMCSIU]2.0.CO;2 82   25 Cited 26 times in Scopus26 0
Fisher, D. O. and Blomberg, S. P. (2011) Correlates of rediscovery and the detectability of extinction in mammals. Proceedings of The Royal Society of London B: Biological Sciences, 278 1708: 1090-1097. doi:10.1098/rspb.2010.1579 68 1 21 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 33
Fisher, Diana O. (2011) Cost, effort and outcome of mammal rediscovery : Neglect of small species. Biological Conservation, 144 5: 1712-1718. doi:10.1016/j.biocon.2011.03.005 64   5 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Fisher, Diana O. and Blomberg, Simon P. (2011) Costs of reproduction and terminal investment by females in a semelparous marsupial. PLoS One, 6 1 Article # e15226: . doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015226 48   12 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 1
Fisher, DO and Dickman, CR (1993) Diets of Insectivorous Marsupials in Arid Australia - Selection for Prey Type, Size or Hardness. Journal of Arid Environments, 25 4: 397-410. doi:10.1006/jare.1993.1072 18   44 Cited 42 times in Scopus42 3
Wang, Yiwei and Fisher, Diana O. (2012) Dingoes affect activity of feral cats, but do not exclude them from the habitat of an endangered macropod. Wildlife Research, 39 7: 611-620. doi:10.1071/WR11210 76 2 9 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 3
Fisher, D. and Lara, M. C. (1999) Effects of body size and home range on access to mates and paternity in male bridled nailtail wallabies.. Animal Behaviour, 58 1: 121-130. doi:10.1006/anbe.1999.1119 34   57 Cited 57 times in Scopus57 0
Fisher, D. O. (2000) Effects of vegetation structure, food and shelter on the home range and habitat use of an endangered wallaby. Journal of Applied Ecology, 37 4: 660-671. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2664.2000.00518.x 96   25 Cited 28 times in Scopus28 3
Kingsley, Lisa, Goldizen, Anne and Fisher, Diana O. (2012) Establishment of an endangered species on a private nature refuge: What can we learn from reintroductions of the bridled nailtail wallaby Onychogalea fraenata?. Oryx, 46 2: 240-248. doi:10.1017/S0030605311000652 71   3 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 3
Fisher, D. O., Lambin, X. and Yletyinen, S. M. (2009) Experimental translocation of juvenile water voles in a Scottish lowland metapopulation. Population Ecology, 51 2: 289-295. doi:10.1007/s10144-008-0122-4 79   12 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Fisher, Diana O., Blomberg, Simon P. and Owens, Ian P. F. (2003) Extrinsic versus intrinsic factors in the decline and extinction of Australian marsupials. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London Series B, 270 1526: 1801-1808. doi:10.1098/rspb.2003.2447 118   102 Cited 104 times in Scopus104 0
Fisher, Diana O. and Owens, Ian P. F. (2000) Female home range size and the evolution of social organization in macropod marsupials. Journal of Animal Ecology, 69 6: 1083-1098. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2656.2000.00450.x 71   59 Cited 56 times in Scopus56 0
Lavery, Tyrone H., Fisher, Diana O., Flannery, Tim F. and Leung, Luke K-P (2013) Higher extinction rates of dasyurids on Australo-Papuan continental shelf islands and the zoogeography of New Guinea mammals. Journal of Biogeography, 40 4: 747-758. doi:10.1111/jbi.12072 48   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 12
Fisher, Diana O. and Blomberg, Simon P. (2012) Inferring extinction of mammals from sighting records, threats, and biological traits. Conservation Biology, 26 1: 57-67. doi:10.1111/j.1523-1739.2011.01797.x 56   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 14
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Fisher, D. O., Double, M. C. and Moore, B. D. (2006) Number of mates and timing of mating affect offspring growth in the small marsupial Antechinus agilis. Animal Behaviour, 71 2: 289-297. doi:10.1016/j.anbehav.2005.03.041 60   17 Cited 18 times in Scopus18 0
Fisher, Diana O. (1999) Offspring sex ratio variation in the bridled nailtail wallaby, Onychogalea fraenata. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 45 6: 411-419. doi:10.1007/s002650050578 75   20 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Arregoitia, Luis Darcy Verde, Blomberg, Simon P. and Fisher, Diana O. (2013) Phylogenetic correlates of extinction risk in mammals: species in older lineages are not at greater risk. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 280 1765: 20131092.1-20131092 .7. doi:10.1098/rspb.2013.1092 42   4 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 3
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Johnson, Christopher N., Isaac, Joanne I. and Fisher, Diana O. (2007) Rarity of a Top Predator Triggers Continent-wide Collapse of Mammal Prey: Dingoes and Marsupials in Australia. Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 274 1608: 341-346. doi:10.1098/rspb.2006.3711 74   117 Cited 130 times in Scopus130 10
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Paplinska, J. Z., Bencini, R., Fisher, D. O., Newell, G., Goldizen, A. W., Hazlitt, S. L., Sigg, D. P., Finlayson, G., Munn, A., Chambers, B., Mayberry, C. and Taggart, D. A. (2010). Sperm competition in the Macropodoidea: a review of evidence. In Graeme Coulson and Mark Eldridge (Ed.), Macropods: The biology of kangaroos, wallabies and rat-kangaroos (pp. 65-76) Collingwood, Vic., Australia: CSIRO Publishing. 86 6 0
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Fisher, Diana O., Owens, Ian P. F. and Johnson, Christopher N. (2001) The ecological basis of life history variation in marsupials. Ecology, 82 12: 3531-3540. doi:10.1890/0012-9658(2001)082[3531:TEBOLH]2.0.CO;2 95   37 3
Fisher, Diana O., Nuske, Susan, Green, Sally, Seddon, Jennifer M. and McDonald, Brenda (2011) The evolution of sociality in small, carnivorous marsupials: The lek hypothesis revisited. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 65 4: 593-605. doi:10.1007/s00265-010-1060-7 81   5 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 6
Fisher, D. O. and Cockburn, A. (2006) The large-male advantage in brown antechinuses: female choice, male dominance, and delayed male death. Behavioral Ecology, 17 2: 164-171. doi:10.1093/beheco/arj012 89   21 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Fisher, D.O. and Blomberg, S.P. (2009) Toe-bud clipping of juvenile small marsupials for ecological field research: No detectable negative effects on growth or survival. Austral Ecology, 34 8: 858-865. doi:10.1111/j.1442-9993.2009.01991.x 64   3 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Fisher, Diana O. (2011) Trajectories from extinction: Where are missing mammals rediscovered?. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 20 3: 415-425. doi:10.1111/j.1466-8238.2010.00624.x 42   6 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 0
Lorch , Dagmar, Fisher, Diana O. and Spratt, David M. (2007) Variation in ectoparasite infestation on the brown antechinus, Antechinus stuartii, with regard to host, habitat and environmental parameters. Australian journal of zoology, 55 3: 169-176. doi:10.1071/ZO06073 85   3 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0