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Whelan, Robert, Conrod, Patricia J., Poline, Jean-Baptiste, Lourdusamy, Anbarasu, Banaschewski, Tobias, Barker, Gareth J., Bellgrove, Mark A., Büchel, Christian, Byrne, Mark, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Fauth-Buhler, Mira, Flor, Herta, Gallinat, Jürgen, Heinz, Andreas, Ittermann, Bernd, Mann, Karl, Martinot, Jean-Luc, Lalor, Edmund C., Lathrop, Mark, Loth, Eva, Nees, Frauke, Paus, Tomas, Rietschel, Marcella, Smolka, Michael N., Spanagel, Rainer, Stephens, David N., Struve, Maren, Thyreau, Benjamin, Vollstaedt-Klein, Sabine, Robbins, Trevor W., Schumann, Gunter, Garavan, Hugh and IMAGEN Consortium (2012) Adolescent impulsivity phenotypes characterized by distinct brain networks. Nature Neuroscience, 15 6: 920-925. doi:10.1038/nn.3092 129   74 Cited 89 times in Scopus89 72
Cummins, T. D. R., Jacoby, O., Hawi. Z., Nandam, L. S., Byrne, M. A. V., Kim, B.-N., Wagner, J., Chambers, C. D. and Bellgrove. M A. (2013) Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor gene variants are associated with increased intra-individual variability in response time. Molecular Psychiatry, 19 9: 1031-1036. doi:10.1038/mp.2013.140 36   0 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 1
Garner, Kelly G., Dux, Paul E, Wagner, Joe, Cummins Tarrant D. R., Chambers, Christopher D. and Bellgrove Mark A. (2012) Attentional asymmetries in a visual orienting task are related to temperament. Cognition and Emotion, 26 8: 1508-1515. doi:10.1080/02699931.2012.666205 72   2 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Cummins, T. R. D., Hawi, Z., Hocking, J., Strudwick, M., Hester, R., Garavan, H., Wagner, J., Chambers, C. D. and Bellgrove, M. A. (2012) Dopamine transporter genotype predicts behavioural and neural measures of response inhibition. Molecular Psychiatry, 17 11: 1086-1092. doi:10.1038/mp.2011.104 109   12 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 1
Tarrant Cummins (2010). EEG Power Indices of Healthy Ageing and Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment PhD Thesis, School of Psychology, The University of Queensland. 204 8
Finnigan, Simon, O'Connell, Redmond G., Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Broughton, Megan and Robertson, Ian H. (2011) ERP measures indicate both attention and working memory encoding decrements in aging. Psychophysiology, 48 5: 601-611. doi:10.1111/j.1469-8986.2010.01128.x 53   9 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 0
Lee, Michael D. and Cummins, Tarrant D. R. (2004) Evidence accumulation in decision making: Unifying the “take the best” and the “rational” models. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 11 2: 343-352. 45   Cited 99 times in Scopus99
Nandam, L. Sanjay, Hester, Robert, Wagner, Joe, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Garner, Kelly, Dean, Angela J., Kim, Bung Nyun, Nathan, Pradeep J., Mattingley, Jason B. and Bellgrove, Mark A. (2011) Methylphenidate but not atomoxetine or citalopram modulates inhibitory control and response time variability. Biological Psychiatry, 69 9: 902-904. doi:10.1016/j.biopsych.2010.11.014 70   39 Cited 41 times in Scopus41 1
Kim, Bung-Nyun, Kim, Jae-Won, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Bellgrove, Mark A., Hawi, Ziarih, Hong, Soon-Beom, Yang, Young-Hui, Kim, Hyo-Jin, Shin, Min-Sup, Cho, Soo-Churl, Kim, Ji-Hoon, Son, Jung-Woo, Shin, Yun-Mi, Chung, Un-Sun and Han, Doug-Hyun (2013) Norepinephrine genes predict response time variability and methylphenidate-induced changes in neuropsychological function in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 33 3: 356-362. doi:10.1097/JCP.0b013e31828f9fc3 37   4 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 2
Cho, Soo-Churl, Kim, Bung-Nyun, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Kim, Jae-Won and Bellgrove, Mark A. (2012) Norepinephrine transporter –3081(A/T) and alpha-2A-adrenergic receptor MspI polymorphisms are associated with cardiovascular side effects of OROSmethylphenidate treatment. Journal of Psychopharmacology, 26 3: 380-389. doi:10.1177/0269881111405356 67   7 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 2
Ramm, Brentyn J., Cummins, Tarrant D. R. and Slaughter, Virginia (2010) Specifying the human body configuration. Visual Cognition, 18 6: 898-919. doi:10.1080/13506280903412153 66   6 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 0
Matthews, Natasha, Vance, Alasdair, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Wagner, Joeseph, Connolly, Amanda, Yamada, Jacqueline, Lockhart, Paul J., Panwar, Ajay, Wallace, Robyn H. and Bellgrove, Mark A. (2012) The COMT Val158 allele is associated with impaired delayed-match-to-sample performance in ADHD. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 8 25.1-25.9. doi:10.1186/1744-9081-8-25 53   2 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Broughton, Megan and Finnigan, Simon (2008) Theta oscillations are affected by amnestic mild cognitive impairment and cognitive load. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 70 1: 75-81. doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2008.06.002 53   15 Cited 17 times in Scopus17 0
Cummins, Tarrant D. R. and Finnigan, Simon (2007) Theta power is reduced in healthy cognitive aging. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 66 1: 10-17. doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2007.05.008 67   32 Cited 34 times in Scopus34 0
Cummins, Tarrant and Finnigan, Simon (2008). Theta power reductions under cognitive load in amnestic mild cognitive impairment. In: Journal of Clinical EEG & Neuroscience. Abstracts: 17th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology. ASP 2007: 17th Annual Conference of the Australasian Society for Psychophysiology, Brisbane, Qld, Australia, (158-158). 7-9 December 2007. doi:10.1177/155005940803900311 67   0
Philpott, April L., Fitzgerald, Paul B., Cummins, Tarrant D. R. and Georgiou-Karistianisa, Nellie (2013) Transcranial magnetic stimulation as a tool for understanding neurophysiology in Huntington's disease: a review.. Neuroscience And Biobehavioral Reviews, 37 8: 1420-1433. doi:10.1016/j.neubiorev.2013.05.009 9   4 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 1
Kim, Bung-Nyum, Cummins, Tarrant D. R., Kim, Jae-Won, Bellgrove, Mark A., Hong, Soon-Beom, Song, Sook-Hyung, Shin, Min-Sup, Cho, Soo-Churl, Kim, Ji-Hoon, Son, Jung-Woo, Shin, Yun-Mi, Chung, Un-Sun and Han, Doug-Hyun (2011) Val/Val genotype of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) Val⁶⁶Met polymorphism is associated with a better response to OROS-MPH in Korean ADHD children. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 14 10: 1399-1410. doi:10.1017/s146114571100099x 85   4 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0