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Ulett, Glen C., Hirst, Robert, Bowden, Bruce, Powell, Kellie and Norton, Robert (2003) A comparison of antibiotic regimens in the treatment of acute melioidosis in a mouse model. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, 51 1: 77-81. doi:10.1093/jac/dkg011 190   11 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 0
Peter Piliouras, Ulett, Glen C., Ashhurst-Smith, Christopher, Hirst, Robert G. and Norton, Robert E. (2002) A comparison of antibiotic susceptibility testing methods for cotrimoxazole with Burkholderia pseudomallei. International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, 19 5: 427-429. doi:10.1016/S0924-8579(02)00016-X 321   20 Cited 33 times in Scopus33 0
Ulett, Glen C., Labrooy, Justin T., Currie, Bart J., Barnes, Jodie L. and Ketheesan, Natkunam (2005) A model of immunity to Burkholderia pseudomallei: unique responses following immunization and acute lethal infection. Microbes and Infection, 7 11-12: 1263-1275. doi:10.1016/j.micinf.2005.04.013 73   19 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Ulett, G. C., Ketheesan, N., Clair, T. W., McElnea, C. L., Barnes, J. L. and Hirst, R. G. (2002) Analogous cytokine responses to Burkholderia pseudomallei strains contrasting in virulence correlate with partial cross-protection in immunized mice. Infection And Immunity, 70 7: 3953-3958. doi:10.1128/IAI.70.7.3953-3958.2002 65   7 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
Ulett, G. C., Webb, R. I. and Schembri, M. A. (2006) Antigen-43-mediated autoaggregation impairs motility in Escherichia coli. Microbiology-sgm, 152 2101-2110. doi:10.1099/mic.0.28607-0 61   42 Cited 42 times in Scopus42 0
Roos, Viktoria, Schembri, Mark A., Ulett, Glen C. and Klemm, Per (2006) Asymptomatic bacteriuria Escherichia coli strain 83972 carries mutations in the foc locus and is unable to express F1C fimbriae. Microbiology, 152 Part 6: 1799-1806. doi:10.1099/mic.0.28711-0 83   39 Cited 48 times in Scopus48 0
Wells, T. J., Tree, J. J., Ulett, G. C. and Schembri, M. A. (2007) Autotransporter proteins: novel targets at the bacterial cell surface. Fems Microbiology Letters, 274 2: 163-172. doi:10.1111/j.1574-6968.2007.00833.x 258   53 Cited 53 times in Scopus53 0
Ulett, Glen C., Bohnsack, John F., Armstrong, Jianling and Adderson, Elisabeth E. (2003) beta-hemolysin-independent induction of apoptosis of macrophages infected with serotype III group B streptococcus. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 188 7: 1049-1053. doi:10.1086/378202 128   26 Cited 30 times in Scopus30 0
Ulett, G. C., Currie, B. J., Clair, T. W., Mayo, M., Ketheesan, N., Labrooy, J., Gal, D., Norton, R., Smith, C. A., Barnes, J., Warner, J. and Hirst, R. G. (2001) Burkholderia pseudomallei virulence: definition, stability and association with clonality. Microbes And Infection, 3 8: 621-631. doi:10.1016/S1286-4579(01)01417-4 126   54 Cited 57 times in Scopus57 0
Sidjabat, Hanna E., Chin, James J.-C., Chapman, Toni, Wu, Kent, Ulett, Glen C., Cheryl-Lynn Ong, Schembri, Mark A., Johnson, James R. and Trott, Darren J. (2009) Colonisation dynamics and virulence of two clonal groups of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli isolated from dogs. Microbes and Infection, 11 1: 100-107. doi:10.1016/j.micinf.2008.10.014 90   9 Cited 10 times in Scopus10 0
Ketheesan, N., Barnes, J. L., Ulett, G. C., VanGessel, H. J., Norton, R. E., Hirst, R. G. and LaBrooy, J. T. (2002) Demonstration of a cell-mediated immune response in melioidosis. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 186 2: 286-289. doi:10.1086/341222 47   31 Cited 34 times in Scopus34 0
Ulett, Glen C., Valle, Jaione, Beloin, Christophe, Sherlock, Orla, Ghigo, Jean-Marc and Schembri, Mark A. (2007) Functional analysis of antigen 43 in uropathogenic Escherichia coli reveals a role in long-term persistence in the urinary tract. Infection and Immunity, 75 7: 3233-3244. doi:10.1128/IAI.01952-06 75   66 Cited 70 times in Scopus70 0
Powell, K., Ulett, G., Hirst, R. and Norton, R. (2003) G-CSF immunotherapy for treatment of acute disseminated murine melioidosis. Fems Microbiology Letters, 224 2: 315-318. doi:10.1016/S0378-1097(03)00473-7 51   17 Cited 17 times in Scopus17 0
Ulett, Glen C., Webb, Richard I., Ulett, Kimberly B., Cui, Xiangqin, Benjamin, William H., Crowley, Michael and Schembri, Mark A. (2010) Group B Streptococcus (GBS) urinary tract infection involves binding of GBS to bladder uroepithelium and potent but GBS-specific induction of interleukin 1 alpha. The Journal of Infectious Diseases, 201 6: 866-870. doi:10.1086/650696 99   12 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 0
Ong, C., Ulett, G., Mabbett, A., Beatson, S., Webb, R., Monaghan, W., Nimmo, G., Looke, D., McEwan, A. and Schembri, M. (2008) Identification of Type 3 Fimbriae in Uropathogenic Escherichia coli Reveals a Role in Biofilm Formation. Journal of Bacteriology, 190 3: 1054-1063. doi:10.1128/JB.01523-07 115   42 Cited 47 times in Scopus47 0
Barnes, J. L., Ulett, G. C., Ketheesan, N., Clair, T., Summers, P. M. and Hirst, R. G. (2001) Induction of multiple chemokine and colony-stimulating factor genes in experimental Burkholderia pseudomallei infection. Immunology And Cell Biology, 79 5: 490-501. doi:10.1046/j.1440-1711.2001.01038.x 38   31 Cited 30 times in Scopus30 0
Ulett, G. C., Maclean, K. H., Nekkalapu, S., Cleveland, J. L. and Adderson, E. E. (2005) Mechanisms of group B streptococcal-induced apoptosis of murine macrophages. Journal of Immunology, 175 4: 2555-2562. 52   20 Cited 24 times in Scopus24
Klemm, Per, Roos, Victoria, Ulett, Glen C., Svanborg, Catharina and Schembri, Mark A. (2006) Molecular characterization of the Escherichia coli asymptomatic bacteriuria strain 83972: The taming of a pathogen. Infection and Immunity, 74 1: 781-785. doi:10.1128/IAI.74.1.781-785.2006 47   58 Cited 62 times in Scopus62 0
Ulett, Glen C. and Adderson, Elisabeth E. (2005) Nitric oxide is a key determinant of group B streptococcus-induced murine macrophage apoptosis. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 191 10: 1761-1770. doi:10.1086/429693 46   30 Cited 31 times in Scopus31 0
Avadhanula, V., Rodriguez, C. A., Ulett, G. C., Bakaletz, L. O. and Adderson, E. E. (2006) Nontypeable Haemophilus influenzae adheres to intercellular adhesion molecule 1 (ICAM-1) on respiratory epithelial cells and upregulates ICAM-1 expression. Infection And Immunity, 74 2: 830-838. doi:10.1128/IAI.74.2.830-838.2006 64   42 Cited 42 times in Scopus42 0
Avadhanula, V., Rodriguez, C. A., DeVincenzo, J. P., Wang, Y., q, R. J., Ulett, G. C. and Adderson, E. E. (2006) Respiratory viruses augment the adhesion of bacterial pathogens to respiratory epithelium in a viral species- and cell type-dependent manner. Journal of Virology, 80 4: 1629-1636. doi:10.1128/JVI.80.4.1629-1636.2006 52   109 Cited 116 times in Scopus116 0
Roos, Viktoria, Ulett, Glen C., Schembri, Mark A. and Klemm, Per (2006) The asymptomatic bacteriuria Escherichia coli strain 83972 outcompetes uropathogenic E-coli strains in human urine. Infection and Immunity, 74 1: 615-624. doi:10.1128/IAI.74.1.615-624.2006 155   65 Cited 70 times in Scopus70 0
Tree, JJ, Ulett, GC, Hobman, JL, Constantinidou, C, Brown, NL, Kershaw, C, Schembri, MA, Jennings, MP and McEwan, AG (2007) The multicopper oxidase (CueO) and cell aggregation in Escherichia coli. Environmental Microbiology, 9 8: 2110-2116. doi:10.1111/j.1462-2920.2007.01320.x 54   14 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Ulett, GC, Mabbett, AN, Fung, KC, Webb, RI and Schembri, MA (2007) The role of F9 fimbriae of uropathogenic Escherichia coli in biofilm formation. Microbiology-sgm, 153 7: 2321-2331. doi:10.1099/mic.0.2006/004648-0 65   44 Cited 49 times in Scopus49 0
Tree, Jai J., Ulett, Glen C., Ong, Cheryl-Lynn Y., Trott, Darren J., McEwan, Alastair G. and Schembri, Mark A. (2008) Trade-off between iron uptake and protection against oxidative stress: Deletion of cueO promotes uropathogenic Escherichia coli virulence in a mouse model of urinary tract infection. Journal of Bacteriology, 190 20: 6909-6912. doi:10.1128/JB.00451-08 35   11 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 0
Valle, Jaione, Mabbett, Amanda N., Ulett, Glen C., Toledo-Arana, Alejandro, Wecker, Karine, Totsika. Makrina, Schembri, Mark A., Ghigo, Jean-Marc and Beloin, Christophe (2008) UpaG, a new member of the trimeric autotransporter family of adhesins in uropathogenic Escherichia coli. Journal of Bacteriology, 190 12: 4147-4161. doi:10.1128/JB.00122-08 59   59 Cited 58 times in Scopus58 3
Allsopp, Luke P., Totsika, Makrina, Tree, Jai J., Ulett, Glen C., Mabbett, Amanda N., Wells, Timothy J., Kobe, Bostjan, Beatson, Scott A. and Schembri, Mark A. (2010) UpaH is a newly identified autotransporter protein that contributes to biofilm formation and bladder colonization by uropathogenic Escherichia coli CFT073. Infection and Immunity, 78 4: 1659-1669. doi:10.1128/IAI.01010-09 55   35 Cited 37 times in Scopus37 0
Mabbett, Amanda N., Ulett, Glen C., Watts, Rebecca E., Tree, Jai J., Totsika, Makrina, Ong, Cheryl-Lynn, Wood, Jacqueline M., Monaghan, Wayne, Looke, David F., Nimmo, Graeme R., Svanborg, Catharina and Schembri, Mark A. (2009) Virulence properties of asymptomatic bacteriuria Escherichia coli. International Journal of Medical Microbiology, 299 1: 53-63. doi:10.1016/j.ijmm.2008.06.003 96   42 Cited 43 times in Scopus43 0