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Sharman, M., Thomas, J.E., Skabo, S. and Holton, T.A. (2008) Abaca bunchy top virus, a new member of the genus Babuvirus (family Nanoviridae). Archives of Virology, 153 1: 135-147. doi:10.1007/s00705-007-1077-z 139   16 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Candresse, Thierry, Lot, Herve, German-Retana, Sylvie, Krause-Sakate, Renate, Thomas, John, Souche, Sylvie, Delaunay, Thierry, Lanneau, Maryvonne and Le Gall, Olivier (2007) Analysis of the serological variability of Lettuce mosaic virus using monoclonal antibodies and surface plasmon resonance technology. Journal of General Virology, 88 9: 2605-2610. doi:10.1099/vir.0.82980-0 74   6 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
van Brunschot, S. L., Verhoeven, J. Th, J., Persley, D. M., Geering, A. D. W., Drenth, A. and Thomas, J. E. (2014) An outbreak of Potato spindle tuber viroid in tomato is linked to imported seed. European Journal of Plant Pathology, 139 1: 1-7. doi:10.1007/s10658-014-0379-8 85   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Kraberger, Simona, Thomas, John E., Geering, Andrew D. W., Dayaram, Anisha, Stainton, Daisy, Hadfield, James, Walters, Matthew, Parmenter, Kathleen S., van Brunschot, Sharon, Collings, David A., Martin, Darren P. and Varsani, Arvind (2012) Australian monocot-infecting mastrevirus diversity rivals that in Africa. Virus Research, 169 1: 127-136. doi:10.1016/j.virusres.2012.07.018 32   6 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 0
Geering, Andrew D. W., Olszewski, Neil E., Harper, Glyn, Lockhart, Benham E. L., Hull, Roger and Thomas, John E. (2005) Banana contains a diverse array of endogenous badnaviruses. Journal of General Virology, 86 2: 511-520. doi:10.1099/vir.0.80261-0 51   52 Cited 60 times in Scopus60 1
Geering, A. D. W. and Thomas, J. E. (1999) Characterisation of a virus from Australia that is closely related to papaya mosaic potexvirus. Archives of Virology, 144 3: 577-592. doi:10.1007/s007050050526 25   19 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 0
Geering, A. D. W., Pooggin, M. M., Olszewski, N. E., Lockhart, B. E. L. and Thomas, J. E. (2005) Characterisation of Banana streak Mysore virus and evidence that its DNA is integrated in the B genome of cultivated Musa. Archives of Virology, 150 4: 787-796. doi:10.1007/s00705-004-0471-z 44   34 Cited 37 times in Scopus37 0
Geering, Andrew D. W., Parry, Judith N. and Thomas, John E. (2011) Complete genome sequence of a novel badnavirus, banana streak IM virus. Archives of Virology, 156 4: 733-737. doi:10.1007/s00705-011-0946-7 46   6 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Fletcher, J. D., Lister, R. A., Clover, G. R. G., Horner, M. B., Thomas, J. E., van der Vlugt, R. A. A. and MacDiarmid, R. M. (2009) Development of a New Zealand database of plant virus and virus-like organisms. Australasian Plant Pathology, 38 6: 571-575. doi:10.1071/AP09041 28   1 0
GambleyCF, GeeringADW and ThomasJE (2008) Development of an immunomagnetic capture-reverse transcriptase-PCR assay for three pineapple ampeloviruses. Journal of Virological Methods, 155 2: 187-192. doi:10.1016/j.jviromet.2008.10.006 64   3 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Sharman, Murray, Persley, Denis M. and Thomas, John E. (2009) Distribution in Australia and Seed Transmission of Tobacco streak virus in Parthenium hysterophorus. Plant Disease, 93 7: 708-712. doi:10.1094/PDIS-93-7-0708 110   5 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Stainton, Daisy, Kraberger, Simona, Walters, Matthew, Wiltshire, Elizabeth J., Rosario, Karyna, Halafihi, Mana’ia, Lolohea, Samiuela, Katoa, Ika, Faitua, Tu’amelie H., Aholelei, Waikato, Taufa, Luseane, Thomas, John E., Collings, David A., Martin, Darren P. and Varsani, Arvind (2012) Evidence of inter-component recombination, intra-component recombination and reassortment in banana bunchy top virus. Journal of General Virology, 93 5: 1103-1119. doi:10.1099/vir.0.040337-0 50   10 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Kraberger, Simona, Harkins, Gordon W., Kumari, Safaa G., Thomas, John E., Schwinghamer, Mark W., Sharman, Murray, Collings, David A., Briddon, Rob W., Martin, Darren P. and Varsani, Arvind (2013) Evidence that dicot-infecting mastreviruses are particularly prone to inter-species recombination and have likely been circulating in Australia for longer than in Africa and the Middle East. Virology, 444 1-2: 282-291. doi:10.1016/j.virol.2013.06.024 26   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Schwinghamer, M. W., Thomas, J. E., Parry, J. N., Schilg, M. A. and Dann, E. K. (2007) First record of natural infection of chickpea by Turnip mosaic virus. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 2 1: 41-43. doi:10.1071/DN07020 24   0
Davis, R. I., Mu, L, Maireroa, N, Wigmore, W. J., Grisoni, M, Bateson, M. F. and Thomas, J. E. (2005) First records of the papaya strain of Papaya ringspot virus (PRSV-P) in French Polynesia and the Cook Islands. Australasian Plant Pathology, 34 1: 125-126. doi:10.1071/AP04094 65   3 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Thomas, John E. and Steele, Visnja (2011) First report of Panicum mosaic virus in buffalo grass (Stenotaphrum secundatum) from Australia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 6 1: 16-17. doi:10.1007/s13314-011-0005-y 66   Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Sharman, Murray, Constable, Fiona, Perera, Ruvinda and Thomas, John E. (2011) First report of Strawberry necrotic shock virus infecting strawberry (Fragaria vesca) from Australia. Australasian Plant Disease Notes, 6 1: 54-56. doi:10.1007/s13314-011-0018-6 63   Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Thomas, JE, Schwinghamer, MW, Parry, JN, Sharman, M, Schilg, MA and Dann, EK (2004) First report of Tomato spotted wilt virus in chickpea (Cicer arietinum) in Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology, 33 4: 597-599. doi:10.1071/AP04065 16   7 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 0
Gambley, C.F., Thomas, J.E., Persley, D.M. and Hall, B.H. (2010) First Report of Tomato torrado virus on Tomato from Australia.. Plant Disease, 94 4: 486-486. doi:10.1094/PDIS-94-4-0486A 48   6 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Sharman, M. and Thomas, J. E. (2013) Genetic diversity of subgroup 1 ilarviruses from eastern Australia. Archives of Virology, 158 8: 1637-1647. doi:10.1007/s00705-013-1628-4 36   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Dayaram, Anisha, Potter, Kristen A., Moline, Angela B., Rosenstein, Dana Drake, Marinov, Milen, Thomas, John E., Breitbart, Mya, Rosario, Karyna, Argüello-Astorga, Gerardo R. and Varsani, Arvind (2013) High global diversity of cycloviruses amongst dragonflies. Journal of General Virology, 94 Pt. 8: 1827-1840. doi:10.1099/vir.0.052654-0 15   8 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 2
GambleyCF, GeeringADW, SteeleV and ThomasJE (2008) Identification of viral and non-viral reverse transcribing elements in pineapple ( Ananas comosus ), including members of two new badnavirus species. Archives of Virology, 153 8: 1599-1604. doi:10.1007/s00705-008-0160-4 35   10 Cited 10 times in Scopus10 0
Schwinghamer, M., Thomas, J. and Fletcher, M. J. (2011). Mastreviruses. In Compendium of chickpea and lentil diseases and pests (pp. 86-87) St Paul, MN, USA: APS Press. 69 2
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Gambley, CF and Thomas, JE (2001) Molecular characterisation of Banana mild mosaic virus, a new filamentous virus in Musa spp. - Brief report. Archives of Virology, 146 7: 1369-1379. doi:10.1007/s007050170097 35   10 0
Hadfield, James, Thomas, John E., Schwinghamer, Mark W., Kraberger, Simona, Stainton, Daisy, Dayaram, Anisha, Parry, Judith N., Pande, Daniel, Martin, Darren P. and Varsani, Arvind (2012) Molecular characterisation of dicot-infecting mastreviruses from Australia. Virus Research, 166 1-2: 13-22. doi:10.1016/j.virusres.2012.02.024 33   8 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
van Brunschot, S. L., Gambley, C. F., De Barro, P. J., Grams, R., Thomas, J. E., Henderson, J., Drenth, A. and Geering, A. D. W. (2013) Panel of real-time PCRs for the multiplexed detection of two tomato-infecting begomoviruses and their cognate whitefly vector species. Plant Pathology, 62 5: 1132-1146. doi:10.1111/ppa.12033 44   1 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Geering, Andrew D. W., Thomas, John E., Holton, Timothy, Hadfield, James and Varsani, Arvind (2012) Paspalum striate mosaic virus: An Australian mastrevirus from Paspalum dilatatum. Archives of Virology, 157 1: 193-197. doi:10.1007/s00705-011-1129-2 44   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Gambley, C. F., Miles, A. K., Ramsden, M., Doogan, V., Thomas, J. E., Parmenter, K. and Whittle, P. J. L. (2009) The distribution and spread of citrus canker in Emerald, Australia. Australasian Plant Pathology, 38 6: 547-557. doi:10.1071/AP09043 42   8 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
Harper, G., Hart, D., Moult, S., Hull, R., Geering, A. and Thomas, J. (2005) The diversity of Banana streak virus isolates in Uganda. Archives of Virology, 150 12: 2407-2420. doi:10.1007/s00705-005-0610-1 22   39 Cited 39 times in Scopus39 0
GambleyCF, SteeleV, GeeringADW and ThomasJE (2008) The genetic diversity of ampeloviruses in Australian pineapples and their association with mealybug wilt disease. Australasian Plant Pathology, 37 2: 95-105. doi:10.1071/AP07096 79   10 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
Van Brunschot, S. L., Persley, D. M., Geering, A. D. W., Campbell, P. R. and Thomas, J. E. (2010) Tomato yellow leaf curl virus in Australia: distribution, detection and discovery of naturally occurring defective DNA molecules. Australasian Plant Pathology, 39 5: 412-423. doi:10.1071/AP10083 187   6 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Persley, D. M., Thomas, J. E. and Sharman, M. (2006) Tospoviruses - an Australian perspective. Australasian Plant Pathology, 35 2: 161-180. doi:10.1071/AP06015 58   18 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Thomas, J. E., Parry, J. N., Schwinghamer, M. W. and Dann, E. K. (2010) Two novel mastreviruses from chickpea (Cicer arietinum) in Australia. Archives of Virology, 155 11: 1777-1788. doi:10.1007/s00705-010-0763-4 49 1 17 Cited 18 times in Scopus18 0