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Amante, Fiona H., Engwerda, Christian R., Godfrey, Dale I., Haque, Ashraful, Hill, Geoff R., Pellicci, Daniel G., Randall, Louise M., Smyth, Mark J., Stanley, Amanda C. and Zhou, Yonghong (2008) Activation of invariant NKT cells exacerbates experimental visceral leishmaniasis. PLoS Pathogens, 4 2: e1000028-1-e1000028-13. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000028 66   30 Cited 29 times in Scopus29 0
Randall, Louise M., Kenangalem, Enny, Lampah, Daniel A., Tjitra, Emiliana, Mwaikambo, Esther D., Handojo, Tjandra, Piera, Kim A., Zhao, Zhen Zhen, Rivera, Fabian de Labastida, Zhou, Yonghong, McSweeney, Karli M., Le, Lien, Amante, Fiona H., Haque, Ashraful, Stanley, Amanda C., Woodberry, Tonia, Salwati, Ervi, Granger, Donald L., Hobbs, Maurine R., Price, Ric N., Weinberg, J. Brice, Montgomery, Grant W., Anstey, Nicholas M. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2010) Age-related susceptibility to severe malaria associated with galectin-2 in highland Papuans. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 202 1: 117-124. doi:10.1086/653125 76   5 Cited 5 times in Scopus5 0
Haque, Ashraful and Engwerda, Christian R. (2011) An antioxidant link between sickle cell disease and severe malaria. Cell, 145 3: 335-336. doi:10.1016/j.cell.2011.04.004 19   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Engwerda, Christian R. and Good, Michael F. (2010) A novel pathway of haematopoiesis revealed after experimental malaria infection. Immunology and Cell Biology, 88 7: 692-694. doi:10.1038/icb.2010.89 43   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Amante, Fiona H., Stanley, Amanda C., Randall, Louise M., Zhou, Yonghong, Haque, Ashraful, McSweeney, Karli, Waters, Andrew P., Janse, Chris J., Good, Michael F., Hill, Geoff R. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2007) A role for natural regulatory T cells in the pathogenesis of experimental cerebral malaria. American Journal of Pathology, 171 2: 548-559. doi:10.2353/ajpath.2007.061033 113   84 Cited 90 times in Scopus90 0
Randall, LM, Kenangalem, E, Lampah, DA, Tjitra, E, Mwaikambo, ED, Handojo, T, Piera, KA, Zhao, ZZ, Rivera, FD, Zhou, YH, McSweeney, KM, Le, LE, Amante, FH, Haque, A, Stanley, AC, Woodberry, T, Salwati, E, Granger, DL, Hobbs, MR, Price, RN, Weinberg, JB, Montgomery, GW, Anstey, NM and Engwerda, CR (2010) A study of the TNF/LTA/LTB locus and susceptibility to severe malaria in highland papuan children and adults. Malaria Journal, 9 1: 302-1-302-9. doi:10.1186/1475-2875-9-302 41   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Stanley, Amanda C. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2007) Balancing immunity and pathology in visceral leishmaniasis. Immunology and Cell Biology, 85 2: 138-147. doi:10.1038/sj.icb7100011 29   66 Cited 83 times in Scopus83 3
Haque, Ashraful, Best, Shannon E., Amante, Fiona H., Mustafah, Seri, Desbarrieres, Laure, de Labastida, Fabian, Sparwasser, Tim, Hill, Geoffrey R. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2010) CD4+ natural regulatory T Cells prevent experimental cerebral malaria via CTLA-4 when expanded in vivo. PLoS Pathogens, 6 12: 1 - e1001221-14 - e1001221. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1001221 73 3 31 Cited 41 times in Scopus41 0
Randall, Louise M., Amante, Fiona H., McSweeney, Karli A., Zhou, Yonghong, Stanley, Amanda C., Haque, Ashraful, Jones, Malcolm K., Hill, Geoff R., Boyle, Glen M. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2008) Common strategies to prevent and modulate experimental cerebral malaria in different susceptible mouse strains. Infection and Immunity, 76 7: 3312-3320. doi:10.1128/IAI.01475-07 76   21 Cited 23 times in Scopus23 0
deWalick, Saskia, Amante, Fiona H., McSweeney, Karli A., Randall, Louise M., Stanley, Amanda C., Haque, Ashraful, Kuns, Rachel D., MacDonald, Kelli P. A., Hill, Geoff R. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2007) Cutting Edge: Conventional Dendritic Cells are the Critical APC Required for the Induction of Experimental Cerebral Malaria. Journal of Immunology, 178 10: 6033-6037. 80   45 Cited 48 times in Scopus48
Randall, Louise M., Amante, Fiona H., Zhou, Yonghong, Stanley, Amanda C., Haque, Ashraful, Rivera, Fabian, Pfeffer, Klaus, Scheu, Stefanie, Hill, Geoff R., Tamada, Koji and Engwerda, Christian R. (2008) Cutting edge: Selective blockade of LIGHT-lymphotoxin beta receptor signaling protects mice from experimental cerebral malaria caused by Plasmodium berghei ANKA. Journal of Immunology, 181 11: 7458-7460. 182   13 Cited 13 times in Scopus13
Good, Michael F., Xu, Huji, Wykes, Michelle and Engwerda, Christian R. (2005) Development and regulation of cell-mediated immune responses to the blood stages of malaria: Implications for vaccine research. Annual Review of Immunology, 23 66-69. doi:10.1146/annurev.immunol.23.021704.115638 58   107 Cited 115 times in Scopus115 0
Engwerda, Christian R., Ato, Manabu, Stäger, Simona, Alexander, Clare E., Stanley, Amanda C. and Kaye, Paul M. (2004) Distinct roles for lymphotoxin-alpha and tumor necrosis factor in the control of leishmania donovani infection. American Journal of Pathology, 165 6: 2123-2133. doi:10.1016/S0002-9440(10)63262-2 52   33 Cited 36 times in Scopus36 0
Engwerda, Christian R., Minigo, Gabriela, Amante, Fiona H. and McCarthy, James S. (2012) Experimentally induced blood stage malaria infection as a tool for clinical research. Trends in Parasitology, 28 11: 515-521. doi:10.1016/ 35   4 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 3
Engwerda, C., Belnoue, E., Gruner, A. C. and Renia, L. (2005) Experimental models of cerebral malaria. Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology, 297 103-143. doi:10.1007/3-540-29967-X_4 34   68 Cited 67 times in Scopus67 0
Zhao, Zhen Zhen, Nyholt, Dale R., Le, Lien, Thomas, Shane, Engwerda, Christian, Randall, Louise, Treloar, Susan A. and Montgomery, Grant W. (2007) Genetic variation in tumour necrosis factor and lymphotoxin is not associated with endometriosis in an Australian sample. Human Reproduction, 22 9: 2389-2397. doi:10.1093/humrep/dem182 38   19 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Tatjana Banovic, Kate A. Markey, Rachel D. Kuns, Stuart D. Olver, Neil C. Raffelt, Alistair L. Don, Mariapia A. Degli-Esposti, Christian R. Engwerda, Kelli P. A. MacDonald and Geoffrey R. Hill (2009) Graft-versus-Host Disease Prevents the Maturation of Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells. Journal of Immunology, 182 2: 912-920. 148   25 Cited 26 times in Scopus26
Woodberry, Tonia, Pinzon-Charry, Alberto, Piera, Kim A., Panpisutchai, Yawalak, Engwerda, Christian R., Doolan, Denise L., Salwati, Ervi, Kenangalem, Enny, Tjitra, Emiliana, Price, Ric N., Good, Michael F. and Anstey, Nicholas M. (2009) Human T cell recognition of the blood stage antigen Plasmodium hypoxanthine guanine xanthine phosphoribosyl transferase (HGXPRT) in acute malaria. Malaria Journal, 8 122.1-122.10. doi:10.1186/1475-2875-8-122 61   5 Cited 5 times in Scopus5 0
Burman, Angela C., Banovic, Tatjana, Kuns, Rachel D., Clouston, Andrew D., Stanley, Amanda C., Morris, Edward S., Rowe, Vanessa, Bofinger, Helen, Skoczylas, Renae, Raffelt, Neil, Fahy, Olivier, McColl, Shaun R., Engwerda, Christian R., McDonald, Kelli P. A. and Hill, Geoffrey R. (2007) IFNgamma differentially controls the development of idiopathic pneumonia syndrome and GVHD of the gastrointestinal tract. Blood, 110 3: 1064-1072. doi:10.1182/blood-2006-12-063982 76   71 Cited 68 times in Scopus68 0
Amante, FH, Haque, A, Stanley, AC, Rivera, FD, Randall, LM, Wilson, YA, Yeo, G, Pieper, C, Crabb, BS, de Koning-Ward, TF, Lundie, RJ, Good, MF, Pinzon-Charry, A, Pearson, MS, Duke, MG, McManus, DP, Loukas, A, Hill, GR and Engwerda, CR (2010) Immune-mediated mechanisms of parasite tissue sequestration during experimental cerebral malaria. Journal of Immunology, 185 6: 3632-3642. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.1000944 70   62 Cited 68 times in Scopus68 0
Edward S Morris, Kelli P A MacDonald, Rachel D Kuns, Helen M Morris, Tatjana Banovic, Alistair L J Don, Vanessa Rowe, Yana A Wilson, Neil C Raffelt, Christian R Engwerda, Angela C Burman, Kate A Markey, Dale I Godfrey, Mark J Smyth and Geoffrey R Hill (2009) Induction of natural killer T cell–dependent alloreactivity by administration of granulocyte colony–stimulating factor after bone marrow transplantation. Nature Medicine, 15 4: 436-441. doi:10.1038/nm.1948 52   37 Cited 37 times in Scopus37 0
Engwerda, Christian R. and Good, Michael F. (2005) Interactions between malaria parasites and the host immune system. Current Opinion in Immunology, 17 4: 381-387. doi:10.1016/j.coi.2005.05.010 33   28 Cited 32 times in Scopus32 0
Catherine Q. Nie, Nicholas J. Bernard, M. Ursula Norman, Fiona H. Amante, Rachel J. Lundie, Brendan S. Crabb, William R. Heath, Christian R. Engwerda, Michael J. Hickey, Louis Schofield and Diana S. Hansen (2009) IP-10-Mediated T Cell Homing Promotes Cerebral Inflammation over Splenic Immunity to Malaria Infection. PLoS Pathogens, 5 4: . doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000369 47   60 Cited 57 times in Scopus57 0
Jones, Malcolm K., Randall, Louise M., McManus, Donald P. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2004) Laser microdissection microscopy in parasitology: microscopes meet thermocyclers. Trends In Parasitology, 20 11: 502-506. doi:10.1016/ 61   16 Cited 16 times in Scopus16 0
Pinzon-Charry, A, McPhun, V, Kienzle, V, Hirunpetcharat, C, Engwerda, C, McCarthy, J and Good, MF (2010) Low doses of killed parasite in CpG elicit vigorous CD4+ T cell responses against blood-stage malaria in mice. Journal of Clinical Investigation, 120 8: 2967-2978. doi:10.1172/JCI39222 47 1 20 Cited 26 times in Scopus26 24
Engwerda, Christian R., Ato, Manabu and Kaye, Paul M. (2004) Macrophages, pathology and parasite persistence in experimental visceral leishmaniasis. Trends in Parasitology, 20 11: 524-530. doi:10.1016/ 28   59 Cited 68 times in Scopus68 3
Hunt, Nicholas H., Grau, Georges E., Engwerda, Christian, Barnum, Scott R., van der Heyde, Henri, Hansen, Diana S., Schofield, Louis and Golenser, Jacob (2010) Murine cerebral malaria: The whole story. Trends in Parasitology, 26 6: 272-274. doi:10.1016/ 121   34 Cited 36 times in Scopus36 0
Gabriela Minigo, Tonia Woodberry, Kim A. Piera, Ervi Salwati, Emiliana Tjitra, Enny Kenangalem, Ric N. Price, Christian R. Engwerda, Nicholas M. Anstey and Magdalena Plebanski (2009) Parasite-Dependent Expansion of TNF Receptor II–Positive Regulatory T Cells with Enhanced Suppressive Activity in Adults with Severe Malaria. PLoS Pathogens, 5 4: e1000402.1-e1000402.10. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000402 51   56 Cited 62 times in Scopus62 0
Engwerda, C. R. and Meeusen, E. N. (2010) Parasites and the immune system: A perspective from down under. Parasite Immunology, 32 8: 529-531. doi:10.1111/j.1365-3024.2010.01234.x 42 1 0 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Markey, KA, Burman, AC, Banovic, T, Kuns, RD, Raffelt, NC, Rowe, V, Olver, SD, Don, ALJ, Morris, ES, Pettit, AR, Wilson, YA, Robb, RJ, Randall, LM, Korner, H, Engwerda, CR, Clouston, AD, MacDonald, KPA and Hill, GR (2010) Soluble lymphotoxin is an important effector molecule in GVHD and GVL. Blood, 115 1: 122-132. doi:10.1182/blood-2009-01-199927 68   15 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 0
McSorley, Henry J., Gaze, Soraya, Daveson, James, Jones, Dianne, Anderson, Robert P., Clouston, Andrew, Ruyssers, Nathalie E., Speare, Richard, McCarthy, James S., Engwerda, Christian R., Croese, John and Loukas, Alex (2011) Suppression of inflammatory immune responses in celiac disease by experimental hookworm infection. PLoS One, 6 9: e24092-1-e24092-7. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024092 71   36 Cited 40 times in Scopus40 16
Engwerda, Christian R., Beattie, Lynette and Amante, Fiona H. (2005) The importance of the spleen in malaria. Trends in Parasitology, 21 2: 75-80. doi:10.1016/ 57   75 Cited 87 times in Scopus87 0
Seach, Natalie, Ueno, Tomoo, Fletcher, Anne L., Lowen, Tamara, Mattesich, Monika, Engwerda, Christian R., Scott, Hamish S., Ware, Carl F., Chidgey, Ann P., Gray, Daniel H. D. and Boyd, Richard L. (2008) The lymphotoxin pathway regulates Aire-independent expression of ectopic genes and chemokines in thymic stromal cells. Journal of Immunology, 180 8: 5384-5392. 31   46 Cited 46 times in Scopus46
Haque, Ashraful, Stanley, Amanda C., Amante, Fiona H., de Labastida Rivera, Fabian, Zhou, YongHong, Kuns, Rachel D., Yardley, Vanessa, Sakaguchi, Shimon, Hill, Geoffrey R. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2010) Therapeutic glucocorticoid-induced TNF receptor-mediated amplification of CD4+ T cell responses enhances antiparasitic immunity. Journal of Immunology, 184 5: 2583-2592. doi:10.4049/jimmunol.0903080 86   11 Cited 14 times in Scopus14 0
Randall, Louise M. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2010) TNF family members and malaria: Old observations, new insights and future directions. Experimental Parasitology, 126 3: 326-331. doi:10.1016/j.exppara.2010.04.016 63 1 7 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
Handoko, Herlina Y., Rodero, Mathieu P., Boyle, Glen M., Ferguson, Blake, Engwerda, Christian, Hill, Geoff, Muller, H. Konrad, Khosrotehrani, Kiarash and Walker, Graeme J. (2013) UVB-induced melanocyte proliferation in neonatal mice driven by CCR2-independent recruitment of Ly6c(low)MHCII(hi) macrophages. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 133 7: 1803-1812. doi:10.1038/jid.2013.9 60   6 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 1
Stanley, Amanda C., Dalton, Jane E., Rossotti, Susanna H., MacDonald, Kelli P., Zhou, Yonghong, Rivera, Fabian, Schroder, Wayne A., Maroof, Asher, Hill, Geoff R., Kaye, Paul M. and Engwerda, Christian R. (2008) VCAM-1 and VLA-4 modulate dendritic cell IL-12p40 production in experimental visceral leishmaniasis. PLoS Pathogens, 4 9: e1000158-1-e1000158-11. doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1000158 46   12 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0