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Abankwa, Daniel, Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Ariotti, Nicolas, Plowman, Sarah J., Gorfe, Alemayehu A, Parton, Robert G., McCammon, J. Andrew and Hancock, John F. (2008) A novel switch region regulated H-ras membrane orientation and signal output. The EMBO journal, 27 5: 727-735. doi:10.1038/emboj.2008.10 75   71 Cited 74 times in Scopus74 0
Parton, RG, Hanzal-Bayer, M and Hancock, JF (2006) Biogenesis of caveolae: a structural model for caveolin-induced domain formation. Journal of Cell Science, 119 5: 787-796. doi:10.1242/jcs.02853 79   142 Cited 144 times in Scopus144 0
Renault, L,, Hanzal-Bayer, M. and Hillig, R. C. (2001) Coexpression, copurification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray analysis of a complex of ARL2-GTP and PDE delta. Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr, 57 8: 1167-1170. doi:10.1107/S0907444901009556 38   13 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Kirkham, Matthew, Nixon, Susan J., Howes, Mark T., Abi-Rached, Laurent, Wakeham, Diane E., Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Ferguson, Charles, Hill, Michelle M., Fernandez-Rojo, Manuel, Brown, Deborah A., Hancock, John F., Brodsky, Frances M. and Parton, Robert G. (2008) Evolutionary analysis and molecular dissection of caveola biogenesis. Journal of Cell Science, 121 12: 2075-2086. doi:10.1242/jcs.024588 51   41 Cited 44 times in Scopus44 0
Ingelmo-Torres, M, Gonzalez-Moreno, E, Kassan, A, Hanzal-Bayer, M, Tebar, F, Herms, A, Grewal, T, Hancock, J. F., Enrich, C, Bosch, M, Gross, S. P., Parton, R. G. and Pol, A (2009) Hydrophobic and basic domains target proteins to lipid droplets. TRAFFIC, 10 12: 1785-1801. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0854.2009.00994.x 48   23 Cited 22 times in Scopus22 0
Hanzal-Bayer, M. F. and Hancock, J. F. (2007) Lipid rafts and membrane traffic. FEBS Letters, 581 11: 2098-2104. doi:10.1016/j.febslet.2007.03.019 70   174 Cited 177 times in Scopus177 0
Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Linari, Marco and Wittinghofer, Alfred (2005) Properties of the Interaction of Arf-like Protein 2 with PDEδ. Journal of molecular biology, 350 5: 1074-1082. doi:10.1016/j.jmb.2005.05.036 80   11 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Hillig, Roman C., Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Linari, Marco, Becker, Jörg, Wittinghofer, Alfred and Renault, Louis (2000) Structural and biochemical properties show ARL3-GDP as a distinct GTP binding protein. Structure, 8 12: 1239-1245. doi:10.1016/S0969-2126(00)00531-1 34   36 Cited 36 times in Scopus36 3
Gorfe, A . A., Hanzal-Bayer, M. F., Abankwa, D., Hancock, J. F. and McCammon, J. A. (2007) Structure and Dynamics of the Full-Length Lipid Modified H-Ras Protein in a 1,2-Dimyristoylglycero-3-phosphocholine Bilayer. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 50 4: 674-684. doi:10.1021/jm061053f 68   73 Cited 79 times in Scopus79 1
Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Renault, Louis, Roversi, Pietro, Wittinghofer, Alfred and Hillig, Roman C. (2002) The complex of Arl2-GTP and PDE[delta]: from structure to function. EMBO Journal, 21 9: 2095-2106. doi:10.1093/emboj/21.9.2095 64   113 Cited 114 times in Scopus114 4
Linari, Marco, Hanzal-Bayer, Michael and Becker, Jörg (1999) The delta subunit of rod specific cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase, PDE δ, interacts with the Arf-like protein Arl3 in a GTP specific manner. Febs Letters, 458 1: 55-59. doi:10.1016/S0014-5793(99)01117-5 42   54 Cited 56 times in Scopus56 3
Chandra, Anchal, Grecco, Hernan E., Pisupati, Venkat, Perera, David, Cassidy, Liam, Skoulidis, Ferdinandos, Ismail, Shehab A., Hedberg, Christian, Hanzal-Bayer, Michael, Venkitaraman, Ashok R., Wittinghofer, Alfred and Bastiaens, Philippe I. H. (2012) The GDI-like solubilizing factor PDE delta sustains the spatial organization and signalling of Ras family proteins. Nature Cell Biology, 14 2: 148-158. doi:10.1038/ncb2394 37   38 Cited 49 times in Scopus49 2