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Feng, JY, Hu, XJ, Yue, PL, Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2003) A novel laponite clay-based Fe nanocomposite and its photo-catalytic activity in photo-assisted degradation of Orange II. Chemical Engineering Science, 58 3-6: 679-685. doi:10.1016/S0009-2509(02)00595-X 352   58 Cited 62 times in Scopus62 0
Ding, Z., Zhu, H. Y., Greenfield, P. F. and Lu, G. Q. (2001) Characterization of pore structure and coordination of titanium in TiO2 and SiO2-TiO2 sol-pillared clays. Journal of Colloid And Interface Science, 238 2: 267-272. doi:10.1006/jcis.2001.7504 249   38 Cited 43 times in Scopus43 0
Feng, JY, Hu, XJ, Yue, PL, Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2003) Degradation of azo-dye Orange II by a photoassisted Fenton reaction using a novel composite of iron oxide and silicate nanoparticles as a catalyst. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 42 10: 2058-2066. doi:10.1021/ie0207010 252   155 Cited 171 times in Scopus171 0
Feng, JY, Hu, XJ, Yue, PL, Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2003) Discoloration and mineralization of Reactive Red HE-3B by heterogeneous photo-Fenton reaction. Water Research, 37 15: 3776-3784. doi:10.1016/S0043-1354(03)00268-9 135   92 Cited 103 times in Scopus103 0
Orthman, J. R., Zhu, H. Y. and Lu, M.G. (2001). Engineering of Australian Clays to Develop New Superior Adsorbents for the Removal of Coloured Organic Compounds in Aqueous Solutions. In: Prof. D.G. Wood, World Congress of Chemical Engineering. World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Melbourne, (). 23-27 September. 63  
Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2001) Engineering the structures of nanoporous clays with micelles of alkyl polyether surfactants. Langmuir, 17 3: 588-594. doi:10.1021/la0006871 111   33 Cited 39 times in Scopus39 0
Zhu, H. Y., Riches, J. D. and Barry, J. C. (2002) gamma-alumina nanofibers prepared from aluminum hydrate with poly(ethylene oxide) surfactant. Chemistry of Materials, 14 4: 2086-2093. doi:10.1021/cm010736a 139   202 Cited 214 times in Scopus214 0
Zhu, HY, Ding, Z, Lu, CQ and Lu, GQ (2002) Molecular engineered porous clays using surfactants. Applied Clay Science, 20 4-5: 165-175. doi:10.1016/S0169-1317(01)00070-9 100   21 Cited 23 times in Scopus23 0
Hwang, KS, Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2001) New nickel catalysts supported on highly porous alumina intercalated laponite for methane reforming with CO2. Catalysis Today, 68 1-3: 183-190. doi:10.1016/S0920-5861(01)00299-1 147   45 Cited 43 times in Scopus43 0
Zhu, H.Y., Orthman, J.A., Li, J.Y., Zhao, J.C., Churchman, G.J. and Vansant, E.F. (2002) Novel composites of TiO2 (anatase) and silicate nanoparticles. Chemistry of Materials, 14 12: 5037-5044. doi:10.1021/cm0205884 130   70 Cited 74 times in Scopus74 0
Zhu, H. Y. and Lu, M.G. (2002). Novel Synthesis of Aluminium Oxide Nanofibers. In: S. Komarneni, J.C. Parker, R.A. Vaia, G.Q. Lu and J-I. Matsushita, Nanophase and Nanocomposite Materials IV. Nanophase and Nanocomposite Materials IV, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, (25-30). 26-29 November. 115   1
Li, J., Chen, C., Zhao, J., Zhu, H. Y. and Ding, Z. (2002) Photodegradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol on TiO2 pillared bentonite and its derivatives under UV light irradiation. Science in China B, 45 4: 445-445. 50  
Ding, Z., Kloprogge, J. T., Frost, R. L., Lu, M. G. and Zhu, H. Y. (2001) Porous clays and pillared clays-based catalysts. Part 2: A review of the catalytic and molecular sieve applications. Journal of Porous Materials, 8 4: 273-293. doi:10.1023/A:1013113030912 168   152 Cited 160 times in Scopus160 0
Zhu, H. Y., Hao, Z. and Barry, J. C. (2002) Porous nanocomposites of zirconium dioxide in silicate as catalyst supports. Chemical Communications, 26 23: 2858-2859. doi:10.1039/b207779p 118   6 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 0
Zhu, H.Y., Ding, Z. and Barry, J.C. (2002) Porous solids from layered clays by combined pillaring and templating approaches. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 106 44: 11420-11429. doi:10.1021/jp014463i 74   30 Cited 33 times in Scopus33 0
Zhu, Z. H., Zhu, H. Y., Wang, S. B. and Lu, M. G. (2003) Preparation and characterization of copper catalysts supported on mesoporous Al2O3 nanofibers for N2O reduction to N2. Catalysis Letters, 91 1-2: 73-81. doi:10.1023/B:CATL.0000006320.85524.f1 201   14 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Zhu, H. Y., Cool, P., Lu, M.G. and Vansant, E. R. (2001) Template Synthesis and Characterisation of Nanoporous Alumina with Narrow Pore Size Distribution from Inorganic Salts. Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, 135 1-7. 68  
Hao, ZP, Zhu, HY and Lu, GQ (2003) Zr-Laponite pillared clay-based nickel catalysts for methane reforming with carbon dioxide. Applied Catalysis A-general, 242 2: 275-286. doi:10.1016/S0926-860X(02)00519-7 184   33 Cited 38 times in Scopus38 0