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Mackenzie, J. M., Khromykh, A. and Parton, R. G. (2005). A bigmac a day keeps the flavivirus away. In: 3rd Australian Virology Group Meeting. 3rd Australian Virology Group Meeting, Phillip Is, (31-31). 9-12 Dec, 2005. 162  
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Mackenzie, J M, Khromykh, A and Parton, R G (2006). Cholesterol is good, just ask the flaviviruses. In: Annual Scientific Meeting & Exhibition - Aust Society for Microbiology. Annual Scientific Meeting & Exhibition - Aust Society for Micry, Gold Coast, (Abstract). 2-6 July, 2006. 61  
Mackenzie, Jason M., Khromykh, Alexander and Parton, Robert G. (2007) Cholesterol Manipulation by West Nile Virus Perturbs the Cellular Immune Response. Cell Host and Microbe, 2 4: 229-239. doi:10.1016/j.chom.2007.09.003 56   96 Cited 94 times in Scopus94 0
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Malet, H., Egloff, M., Selisko, B., Butcher, R., Wright, P., Roberts, M., Gruez, A., Sulzenbacher, G., Vonrhein, C., Bricogne, G., Mackenzie, J., Khromykh, A., Davidson, A. and Canard, B. (2007) Crystal structure of the RNA polymerase domain of the West Nile Virus non-structural protein 5. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282 14: 10678-10689. doi:10.1074/jbc.M607273200 80   107 Cited 112 times in Scopus112 1
Jacobs, Michael G., Robinson, Peter J., Bletchly, Cheryl, Mackenzie, Jason M. and Young, Paul R. (2000) Dengue virus non-structural protein 1 is expressed in a glycosyl-phosphatidylinositol linked form that is capable of signal transduction. The FASEB Journal, 14 11: 1603-1610. doi:10.1096/fj.14.11.1603 84   67 0
Gazina, E. V., Mackenzie, J. M., Gorrell, R. J. and Anderson, D. A. (2002) Differential requirements for COPI coats in formation of replication complexes among three genera of Picornaviridae. Journal of Virology, 76 21: 11113-11122. doi:10.1128/JVI.76.21.11113-11122.2002 49   56 Cited 60 times in Scopus60 0
Greive, S., Webb, R. I., Mackenzie, J. M. and Gowans, E. J. (2002) Expression of the hepatitis C virus structural proteins in mammalian cells induces morphology similar to that in natural infection. Journal of Viral Hepatitis, 9 1: 9-17. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2893.2002.00313.x 84   12 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Haqshenas, G., Mackenzie, J. M., Dong, X. and Gowans, E. J. (2007) Hepatitis C virus p7 protein is localized in the endoplasmic reticulum when it is encoded by a replication-competent genome. Journal of General Virology, 88 1: 134-142. doi:10.1099/vir.0.82049-0 62   26 Cited 26 times in Scopus26 0
Lim, S. P., Soo, H. M., Tan, Y. H., Brenner, S., Horstmann, H., MacKenzie, J. M., Ng, M. L., Lim, S. G. and Hong, W. J. (2002) Inducible system in human hepatoma cell lines for hepatitis C virus production. Virology, 303 1: 79-99. doi:10.1006/viro.2002.1687 217   13 Cited 15 times in Scopus15 0
Mackenzie, J M, Liu, W, Parton, R G and Khromykh, A (2006). Inhibition of interferon signaling in flavivirus-infected cells is associated with virus-induced cholesterol re-distribution. In: 13th International Mtg on Hepatitis C Virus & Related Viruses. 13th International Mtg on Hepatitis C Virus & Related Viruses, Cairns, (Abstract). 27-31 Aug, 2006. 51  
Stertz, S., Reichelt, M., Krijnse-Locker, J., Mackenzie, J., Simpson, J. C., Haller, O. and Kochs, G. (2006) Interferon-induced, antiviral human MxA protein localizes to a distinct subcompartment of the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. Journal of Interferon And Cytokine Research, 26 9: 650-660. doi:10.1089/jir.2006.26.650 67   36 Cited 36 times in Scopus36 0
Szvetko, Attila, Jones, Ashleigh, Mackenzie, Jason, Tajouri, Lotti, Csurhes, Peter, Greer, Judith, Pender, Michael and Griffiths, Lyn (2010) Investigation of the [-/A](8) and C1236T genetic variations within the human toll-like receptor 3 gene for association with multiple sclerosis. Neurological Research [electronic resource], 32 4: 438-441. doi:10.1179/174313209X405155 56   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Westaway, E. G., Mackenzie, J. M. and Khromykh, A. A. (2003). Kunjin RNA replication and applications of Kunjin replicons. In Thomas J. Chambers, Thomas P. Monath, Karl Maramorosch, Aaron J. Shatkin and Frederick A. Murphy (Ed.), The Flaviviruses: Structure, replication and evolution (pp. 100-140) San Diego: Academic Press Inc. doi:10.1016/S0065-3527(03)59004-2 106   85 Cited 85 times in Scopus85 0
Harvey, T. J., Anraku, I., Linedale, R., Harrich, D., Mackenzie, J., Suhrbier, A. and Khromykh, A. A. (2003) Kunjin virus replicon vectors for human immunodeficiency virus vaccine development. Journal of Virology, 77 14: 7796-7803. doi:10.1128/JVI.77.14.7796-7803.2003 62   31 Cited 32 times in Scopus32 0
Hall, R. A., Khromykh, A. A., Mackenzie, J. M., Scherret, J., Khromykh, T. and Mackenzie, J. S. (1999) Loss of dimerisation of the nonstructural protein NS1 of Kunjin virus delays viral replication and reduces virulence in mice, but still allows secretion of NS1. Virology, 264 1: 66-75. doi:10.1006/viro.1999.9956 27   39 Cited 37 times in Scopus37 0
Hall, R. A., Khromykh, A. A., Poidinger, M., Scherret, J., Mackenzie, J. M., MacKenzie, J. S. and Khromykh, T. (1999). Loss of dimerisation of the NS1 protein of Kunjin virus slows replication in cell culture and reduces virulence in mice. In: Abstract Book, 11th International Congress of Virology. 11th International Congress of Virology, Sydney, (121). 9-13 August 1999. 32  
Mackenzie, J. M., Jones, M. K. and Westaway, E. G. (1999) Markers for trans-Golgi membranes and the intermediate compartment localize to induced membranes with distinct replication functions in flavivirus-infected cells. Journal of Virology, 73 11: 9555-9567. 59   133
Hyde, Jennifer L., Gillespie, Leah K. and Mackenzie, Jason M. (2012) Mouse norovirus 1 utilizes the cytoskeleton network to establish localization of the replication complex proximal to the microtubule organizing center. Journal of Virology, 86 8: 4110-4122. doi:10.1128/JVI.05784-11 42   12 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 1
Roosendaal, Jojanneke, Westaway, Edwin G., Khromykh, Alexander and Mackenzie, Jason M. (2006) Regulated Cleavages at the West Nile Virus NS4A-2K-NS4B Junctions Play a Major Role in Rearranging Cytoplasmic Membranes and Golgi Trafficking of the NS4A Protein. Journal of Virology, 80 9: 4623-4632. doi:10.1128/JVI.80.9.4623-4632.2006 44   84 Cited 85 times in Scopus85 0
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Mackenzie, Jason M., Khromykh, Alexander A. and Westaway, Edwin G. (2001) Stable expression of noncytopathic Kunjin replicons simulates both ultrastructural and biochemical characteristics observed during replication of Kunjin virus. Virology, 279 1: 161-172. doi:10.1006/viro.2000.0691 40   33 Cited 31 times in Scopus31 0
Martyn, John C., Cardin, Anthony J., Wines, Bruce D., Cendron, Angela, Li, Shuo, Mackenzie, Jason, Powell, Maree and Gowans, Eric J. (2009) Surface display of IgG Fc on baculovirus vectors enhances binding to antigen-presenting cells and cell lines expressing Fc receptors. Archives of Virology, 154 7: 1129-1138. doi:10.1007/s00705-009-0423-8 34   16 Cited 16 times in Scopus16 0
Schaecher, SR, Mackenzie, JM and Pekosz, A (2007) The ORF7b protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is expressed in virus-infected cells and incorporated into SARS-CoV particles. Journal of Virology, 81 2: 718-731. doi:10.1128/JVI.01691-06 40   41 Cited 42 times in Scopus42 0
Leung, J, Mackenzie, J. M., Khromykh, A. and Pijlman, G. P. (2005). The role of the nonstructural protein NS2A in flavivirus assembly. In: 3rd Australian Virology Group Meeting. 3rd Australian Virology Group Meeting, Phillip Is, (35-35). 9-12 Dec, 2005. 35  
Mackenzie, J. M., Khromykh, A. and Parton, R. G. (2005). West Nile manipulates cholesterol balance affecting the lipid raft formation and function. In: 24th Annual Meeting of American Society for Virology. 24th Annual Meeting of American Society for Virology, Pennsylvania, (176-176). 18-22 June, 2005. 64  
Dokland, T., Walsh, M., Mackenzie, J. M., Khromykh, A. A., Ee, K. H. and Wang, S. F. (2004) West nile virus core protein: Tetramer structure and ribbon formation. Structure, 12 7: 1157-1163. doi:10.1016/j.str.2004.04.024 363   72 Cited 76 times in Scopus76 1
Hoenen, A., Liu, W., Kochs, G., Khromykh, A. and Mackenzie, J. (2007) West Nile virus-induced cytoplasmic membrane structures provide partial protection against the interferon-induced antiviral MxA protein. Journal of General Virology, 88 11: 3013-3017. doi:10.1099/vir.0.83125-0 65   27 Cited 25 times in Scopus25 0
Mackenzie, J. M., Kenney, M. T. and Westaway, E. G. (2007) West Nile virus strain Kunjin NS5 polymerase is a phosphoprotein localized at the cytoplasmic site of viral RNA synthesis.. Journal of General Virology, 88 4: 1163-1168. doi:10.1099/vir.0.82552-0 75   30 Cited 27 times in Scopus27 0
Mackenzie, Jason (2005) Wrapping things up about virus RNA replication. Traffic, 6 11: 967-977. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0854.2005.00339.x 62   132 Cited 138 times in Scopus138 0