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Da Silva, Leonard, McCart Reed, Amy E., Kutasovic, Jamie R., Vargas, Ana Cristina, Jayanthan, Janani, Reid, Lynne, Fritz, Brian, Cummings, Margaret C, Porter, Alan, Evans, Elizabeth, Lakhani, Sunil R and Simpson, Peter T (2012). Abrogated cell-cell adhesion in the phenotypic drift from ductal to lobular breast cancer types. In: 24th Lorne Cancer Conference 2012, Lorne, VIC, Australia, (). 9-11 February 2012. 87  
Patel, Heena, Polanco-Echeverry, Guadalupe, Segditsas, Stefania, Volikos, Emmanouil, McCart, Amy, Lai, Cecilia, Guenther, Thomas, Zaitoun, Abed, Ilyas, Mohammed, Northover, John and Silver, Anrew (2007) Activation of AKT and nuclear accumulation of wild type TP53 and MDM2 in anal squamous cell carcinoma. International Journal of Cancer, 121 12: 2668-2673. doi:10.1002/ijc.23028 55   12 Cited 14 times in Scopus14 0
McCart, A. E., Mahony, D. and Rothnagel, J. A. (2003) Alternatively spliced products of the human kinesin light chain 1 (KNS2) gene. Traffic, 4 8: 576-580. doi:10.1034/j.1600-0854.2003.00113.x 41   21 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 3
McCart, Amy, Mahony, Donna and Rothnagel, Joseph (2003). Alternative splicing of Kinesin Light Chain 1 (KNS2). In: Proceedings of the Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. ComBio 2003, Melbourme, VIC, Australia, (). 28 September - 2 October 2003. 20  
McCart, Amy, Mahony Donna and Rothnagel Joseph (2002). Alternative splicing of kinesin light chain 1 (KNS2) gene. In: Boden research conference on "developmental cutaneous biology". Boden Conference Developmental Cutaneous Biology, Stradbroke Island, Australia, (). 14-18 April 2002. 22  
McCart, Amy, Mahony, Donna and Rothnagel, Joseph (2004). Alternative splicing of KNS2 (Kinesin Light Chain 1). In: 25th Annual Lorne Conference on the Organization and Expression of the Genome. 25th Annual Lorne Conference on the Organization and Expression of the Genome, Lorne, VIC, Australia, (). 15-19 February 2004. 20  
McCart, Amy Ellen (2005). Analysis of kinesin light chain 1 isoforms PhD Thesis, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, The University of Queensland. 111 2
McCart, Amy, Latchford, Andrew, Volikos, Emmanouil, Rowan, Andrew, Tomlinson, Ian and Silver, Andrew (2006) A novel exon duplication event leading to a truncating germ-line mutation of the APC gene in a Familial Adenomatous Polyposis family. Familial Cancer, 5 2: 205-208. doi:10.1007/s10689-006-7471-y 45   9 Cited 11 times in Scopus11 0
McCart, Amy E., Vickaryous, Nicola K. and Silver, Andrew (2008) Apc mice: Models, modifiers and mutants. Pathology Research and Practice, 204 7: 479-490. doi:10.1016/j.prp.2008.03.004 36   65 Cited 65 times in Scopus65 0
Saunus, Jodi M., McCart-Reed, Amy, Momeny, Majid, Cummings, Margaret and Lakhani, Sunil R. (2013). Breast cancer heterogeneity in primary and metastatic disease. In Aamir Ahmad (Ed.), Breast Cancer Metastasis and Drug Resistance: Challenges and Progress (pp. 65-96) New York, NY, USA: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-1-4614-5647-6 88   0
McCart, A., Haines, J., Suraweera, N., Tomlinson, I. and Silver, A. (2008). Characterisation of an intestinal neoplasm modifier locus in Apc Min mice. In: 20th Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research, Lyon, France, (38-38). 5-8 July 2008. doi:10.1016/S1359-6349(08)71321-1 38   0 0
Dutton, P., Mccart, A., Whitehall, V. L. and Ebert, P. R. (1999). Comparative genomic and detailed structural analysis of the GABA neurotransmitter transporter gene family between vertebrates and the invertebrates, Apis Mellifera and C.elegans. In: Combined Conference Abstracts: 43rd Annual ASBMB, 18th Annual ANZSCDB and 39th Annual ASPP. ComBio 99, Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast, (). 27-30 September, 1999. 58  
Hosein, Abdel Nasser, Song, Sarah, McCart Reed, Amy E., Jayanthan, Janani, Reid, Lynne E., Kutasovic, Jamie R., Cummings, Margaret C., Waddell, Nic, Lakhani, Sunil R., Chenevix-Trench, Georgia and Simpson, Peter T. (2013) Evaluating the repair of DNA derived from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues prior to genomic profiling by SNP-CGH analysis. Laboratory Investigation, 93 6: 701-710. doi:10.1038/labinvest.2013.54 57   8 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 1
Waldron, Levi, Ogino, Shuji, Hoshida, Yujin, Shima, Kaori, Reed, Amy E. McCart, Simpson, Peter T., Baba, Yoshifumi, Nosho, Katsuhiko, Segata, Nicola, Vargas, Ana Cristina, Cummings, Margaret C., Lakhani, Sunil R., Kirkner, Gregory J., Giovannucci, Edward, Quackenbush, John, Golub, Todd R., Fuchs, Charles S., Parmigiani, Giovanni and Huttenhower, Curtis (2012) Expression profiling of archival tumors for long-term health studies. Clinical Cancer Research, 18 22: 6136-6146. doi:10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-12-1915 52   7 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 2
Vargas, Ana Cristina, McCart Reed, Amy E., Waddell, Nic, Lane, Annette, Reid, Lynne E., Smart, Chanel E., Cocciardi, Sibylle, da Silva, Leonard, Song, Sarah, Chenevix-Trench, Georgia, Simpson Peter T. and Lakhani, Sunil R. (2012) Gene expression profiling of tumour epithelial and stromal compartments during breast cancer progression. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 135 1: 153-165. doi:10.1007/s10549-012-2123-4 113 78 20 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Suraweera, N., Haines, J., McCart, A., Rogers, P., Latchford, A., Coster, M., Polanco-Echeverry, G., Guenther, T., Wang, J., Sieber, O. and Silver, A. (2006) Genetic determinants modulate susceptibility to pregnancy-associated tumourigenesis in a recombinant line of Min mice. Human Molecular Genetics, 15 23: 3429-3435. doi:10.1093/hmg/ddl419 35   12 Cited 9 times in Scopus9 0
Kutasovic, Jamie R., Sim, Sarah Y. M., McCart Reed, Amy E., Cummings, Margaret C. and Simpson, Peter T. (2014) Intratumour heterogeneity in the progression to breast cancer metastasis. Cancer Forum, 38 2: 138-142. 16 1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1
Cummings, Margaret C., Simpson, Peter T., Reid, Lynne E., Jayanthan, Janani, Skerman, Joanna, Song, Sarah, McCart Reed, Amy E., Kutasovic, Jamie R., Morey, Adrienne L., Marquart, Louise, O'Rourke, Peter and Lakhani, Sunil R. (2014) Metastatic progression of breast cancer: Insights from 50 years of autopsies. Journal of Pathology, 232 1: 23-31. doi:10.1002/path.4288 57   6 Cited 8 times in Scopus8 6
McCart Reed, Amy E., Cummings, Margaret C., Lakhani, Sunil R. and Simpson, Peter T. (2012) Molecular pathology of pre-invasive breast disease in the screening setting: Application in diagnosis and management. Diagnostic Histopathology, 18 2: 64-69. doi:10.1016/j.mpdhp.2011.11.006 90   Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Suraweera, Nirosha, Latchford, Andrew, McCart, Amy, Rogers, Pauline, Spain, Sarah, Sieber, Oliver, Phillips, Robin, Tomlinson, Ian and Silver, Andrew (2007) Pregnancy does not influence colonic polyp multiplicity but may modulate upper gastrointestinal disease in patients with FAP. Journal of Medical Genetics, 44 8: 541-544. doi:10.1136/jmg.2007.049965 25   0 Cited 0 times in Scopus0 0
Pollard, Patrick, Deheragoda, Maesha, Segditsas, Stefania, Lewis, Annabelle, Rowan, Andrew, Howarth, Kimberley, Willis, Lisa, Nye, Emma, McCart, Amy, Mandir, Nikki, Silver, Andrew, Goodlad, Robert, Stamp, Gordon, Cockman, Matthew, East, Philip, Spencer-Dene, Bradley, Poulsom, Richard, Wright, Nicholas and Tomlinson, Ian (2009) The Apc1322T Mouse Develops Severe Polyposis Associated With Submaximal Nuclear β-Catenin Expression. Gastroenterology, 136 7: 2204-2213. doi:10.1053/j.gastro.2009.02.058 46   22 Cited 27 times in Scopus27 0
Vargas, Ana Cristina, Simpson, Peter, McCart Reed, Amy, Lane, Annette, Smart, Chanel, Da Silva, Leonard and Lakhani, Sunil (2011). The Role of Type XI and Type XVII Collagen in Breast Cancer Progression. In: 100th Annual Meeting of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, San Antonio, Texas, United States, (67A-67A). February 6 - March 4 2011. 75  
Vargas, Ana Cristina, Simpson, Peter T., McCart Reed, Amy E., Smart, Chanel, Waddell, Nic, Lane, Annette and Lakhani, Sunil (2011). The role of Type XI Collagen in Breast Cancer Progression. In: LICR Translational Oncology Conference, Melbourne, Australia, (). 24-26 October 2011. 66  
Elsaba, Tarek M. A., Martinez-Pomares, Luisa, Robins, Adrian R., Crook, Simon, Seth, Rashmi, Jackson, Darryl, McCart, Amy, Silver, Andrew R., Tomlinson, Ian P. M. and Ilyas, Mohammad (2010) The stem cell marker CD133 associates with enhanced colony formation and cell motility in colorectal cancer. PLoS One, 5 5: 1-11. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0010714 46   33 Cited 35 times in Scopus35 0
McCart Reed, Amy E., Song, Sarah, Kutasovic, Jamie R., Reid, Lynne E., Valle, Jordan M., Vargas, Ana Cristina, Smart, Chanel E. and Simpson, Peter T. (2013) Thrombospondin-4 expression is activated during the stromal response to invasive breast cancer. Virchows Archiv, 463 4: 535-545. doi:10.1007/s00428-013-1468-3 52   1 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0