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Petney, Trevor N., Robbins, Richard G., Guglielmone, Alberto A., Apanaskevich, Dmitry A., Estrada-Pena, Agustin, Horak, Ivan G. and Shao, Renfu (2011). A look at the world of ticks. In Heinz Mehlhorn (Ed.), Progress in parasitology (pp. 283-296) Berlin Heidelberg, Germany: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-642-21396-0_15 37   0
Ke, Xue Bin, Shao, Renfu, Zhu, Huai Yong, Yuan, Yong, Yang, Dong Jiang, Ratinac, Kyle R. and Gao, Xue Ping (2009) Ceramic membranes for separation of proteins and DNA through in situ growth of alumina nanofibres inside porous substrates. Chemical Communications, 2009 10: 1264-1266. doi:10.1039/b819292h 35   11 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Shao, RF and Barker, SC (2011) Chimeric mitochondrial minichromosomes of the human body louse, Pediculus humanus: Evidence for homologous and non-homologous recombination. Gene, 473 1: 36-43. doi:10.1016/j.gene.2010.11.002 36   11 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Shao, Renfu. (2003). Comparative mitochondrial genomics of hemipteroid insects PhD Thesis, School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences, The University of Queensland. 132 3
Pan, Z, Chen, S, Pan, X, Wang, Z, Han, H, Zheng, W, Wang, X, Li, F, Qu, S and Shao, R (2010) Differential gene expression identified in Uigur women cervical squamous cell carcinoma by suppression subtractive hybridization. Neoplasma, 57 2: 123-128. doi:10.4149/neo_2010_02_123 59   8 Cited 10 times in Scopus10 0
Shao, Renfu, Barker, Stephen C., Mitani, Harumi, Aoki, Yayoi and Fukunaga, Masahito (2005) Evolution of duplicate control regions in the mitochondrial genomes of metazoa: A case study with Australasian Ixodes ticks. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 22 3: 620-629. doi:10.1093/molbev/msi047 64   51 Cited 57 times in Scopus57 0
Covacin, C., Shao, R., Cameron, S. and Barker, S. C. (2006) Extraordinary number of gene rearrangements in the mitochondrial genomes of lice (Phthiraptera : Insecta). Insect Molecular Biology, 15 1: 63-68. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2583.2005.00608.x 44   37 Cited 36 times in Scopus36 0
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Xiong, Haoyu, Barker, Stephen C., Burger, Thomas D., Raoult, Didier and Shao, Renfu (2013) Heteroplasmy in the mitochondrial genomes of human lice and ticks revealed by high throughput sequencing. PLoS One, 8 9: e73329.1-e73329.9. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0073329 24   2 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 3
Herd, Kate, Barker, Stephen C. and Shao, Renfu (2012) High-level of heteroplasmy in the mitochondrial Cox1-minichromosome of the human body louse, Pediculus humanus, and the human head louse, Pediculus capitis. The Open Genomics Journal, 5 1: 14-17. doi:10.2174/1875693X01205010014 37 1 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Shao, R. F., Campbell, N. J. H., Schmidt, E. R. and Barker, S. C. (2001) Increased rate of gene rearrangement in the mitochondrial genomes of three orders of hemipteroid insects. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 18 9: 1828-1832. 52   57
Zou, Yang, Wang, Jian-Bo, Gaowa, Ha-Sen, Yao, Lai-Shun, Hu, Guang-Wei, Li, Ming-Hui, Chen, Hua-Xin, Plyusnin, Alexander, Shao, Renfu and Zhang, Yong-Zhen (2008) Isolation and genetic characterization of hantaviruses carried by Microtus voles in China. Journal Of Medical Virology, 80 4: 680-688. doi:10.1002/jmv.21119 62   19 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 0
Pan, Zemin, Li, Jun, Pan, Xiaolin, Chen, Shaoze, Wang, Zhenbao, Li, Feng, Qu, Shen and Shao, Renfu (2009) Methylation of the RASSF1A gene promoter in Uigur women with cervical squamous cell carcinoma. Tumori, 95 1: 76-80. 50   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4
Shao, R. and Barker, S. C. (2007) Mitochondrial genomes of parasitic arthropods: Implications for studies of population genetics and evolution. Parasitology, 134 2: 153-167. doi:10.1017/S0031182006001429 133   27 Cited 28 times in Scopus28 0
Shao, R. F., Barker, S. C., Mitani, H., Takahashi, M. and Fukunaga, M. (2006) Molecular mechanisms for the variation of mitochondrial gene content and gene arrangement among chigger mites of the genus Leptotrombidium (Acari : Acariformes). Journal of Molecular Evolution, 63 2: 251-261. doi:10.1007/s00239-005-0196-y 73   35 Cited 35 times in Scopus35 0
Burger, Thomas D., Shao, Renfu, Labruna, Marcelo B. and Barker, Stephen C. (2013) Molecular phylogeny of soft ticks (Ixodida: Argasidae) inferred from mitochondrial genome and nuclear rRNA sequences. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 5 2: 195-207. doi:10.1016/j.ttbdis.2013.10.009 33   5 Cited 6 times in Scopus6 0
Shao, R. F., Mitani, H., Barker, S. C., Takahashi, M. and Fukunaga, M. (2005) Novel mitochondrial gene content and gene arrangement indicate illegitimate inter-mtDNA recombination in the chigger mite, Leptotrombidium pallidum. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 60 6: 764-773. doi:10.1007/s00239-004-0226-1 80   41 Cited 40 times in Scopus40 0
Burger, Thomas D., Shao, Renfu and Barker, Stephen C. (2014) Phylogenetic analysis of mitochondrial genome sequences indicates that the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus, contains a cryptic species. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 76 1: 241-253. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2014.03.017 32   3 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 1
Burger, Thomas D., Shao, Renfu and Barker, Stephen C. (2013) Phylogenetic analysis of the mitochondrial genomes and nuclear rRNA genes of ticks reveals a deep phylogenetic structure within the genus Haemaphysalis and further elucidates the polyphyly of the genus Amblyomma with respect to Amblyomma sphenodonti and Amblyomma elaphense. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 4 4: 265-274. doi:10.1016/j.ttbdis.2013.02.002 27   5 Cited 5 times in Scopus5 0
Burger, Thomas D., Shao, Renfu, Beati, Lorebza, Miller, Hilary and Barker, Stephen C. (2012) Phylogenetic analysis of ticks (Acari: Ixodida) using mitochondrial genomes and nuclear rRNA genes indicates that the genus Amblyomma is polyphyletic. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 64 1: 45-55. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2012.03.004 46   21 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0
Song, Simon, Shao, Renfu, Atwell, Rick, Barker, Stephen and Vankan, Dianne (2011) Phylogenetic and phylogeographic relationships in Ixodes holocyclus and Ixodes cornuatus (Acari: Ixodidae) inferred from COX1 and ITS2 sequences. International Journal for Parasitology, 41 8: 871-880. doi:10.1016/j.ijpara.2011.03.008 93   16 Cited 17 times in Scopus17 1
Shao, Renfu, Dowton, Mark, Murrell, Anna and Barker, Stephen C. (2003) Rates of gene rearrangement and nucleotide substitution are correlated in the mitochondrial genomes of insects. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 20 10: 1612-1619. doi:10.1093/molbev/msg176 82   63 Cited 64 times in Scopus64 0
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Shao, R., Aoki, Y., Mitani, H., Tabuchi, N., Barker, S. C. and Fukunaga, M. (2004) The mitochondrial genomes of soft ticks have an arrangement of genes that has remained unchanged for over 400 million years. Insect Molecular Biology, 13 3: 219-224. doi:10.1111/j.0962-1075.2004.00447.x 75   33 Cited 33 times in Scopus33 0
Wei, Dan-Dan, Shao, Renfu, Yuan, Ming-Long, Dou, Wei, Barker, Stephen C. and Wang, Jin-Jun (2012) The multipartite mitochondrial genome of Liposcelis bostrychophila: Insights into the evolution of mitochondrial genomes in bilateral animals. PLoS One, 7 3: e33973.1-e33973.12. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0033973 62   19 Cited 21 times in Scopus21 0
Shao, Renfu, Kirkness, Ewen F. and Barker, Stephen C. (2009) The single mitochondrial chromosome typical of animals has evolved into 18 minichromosomes in the human body louse, Pediculus humanus. Genome Research, 19 5: 904-912. doi:10.1101/gr.083188.108 42   57 Cited 54 times in Scopus54 0