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Jetten, M. S., Sliekers, O., Kuypers, M., Dalsgaard, T., van Niftrik, L., Cirpus, I., van de Pas-Schoonen, K. T., Lavik, G., Thamdrup, B., Le Paslier, D., Op den Camp, H. J. M., Huth, S., Nielsen, L. P., Abma, W., Third, K., Engstrom, P., Kuenen, J. G., Jorgensen, B. B., Canfield, D. E., Damste, J. S. S., Revsbech, N. P., Fuerst, J., Weissenbach, J., Wagner, M., Schmidt, I., Schmid, M. and Strous, M. (2003) Anaerobic ammonium oxidation by marine and freshwater planctomycete-like bacteria. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 63 2: 107-114. doi:10.1007/s00253-003-1422-4 64   82 Cited 90 times in Scopus90 0
Fuerst, J A, Webb, R I, van Niftrik, L., Jetten, M. S. and Strous, M. (2006). Anammoxosomes of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing planctomycetes. In JM Shively (Ed.), Complex Intracellular Structures in Prokaryotes 1st ed. (pp. 259-283) Germany: Springer. 95  
Schmid, M., Walsh, K., Webb, R. I., Rijpstra, W. I. C., Van De Pas-Schoonen, K. T., Verbruggen, M. J., Hill, T., Moffett, B., Fuerst, J. A., Schouten, S., Sinninghe-Damste, J.S., Harris, J., Shaw, P., Jetten, M. S. and Strous, M. (2003) Candidatus "Scalindua brodae", spec. nov., Candidatus "Scalindua wagneri", spec. nov., two new species of anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria. Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 26 4: 529-538. doi:10.1078/072320203770865837 109   270 Cited 293 times in Scopus293 3
Butler, M. K., den Camp, H. J. M. O., Harhangi, H. R., Lafi, F. F., Strous, M. and Fuerst, J. A. (2007) Close relationship of RNase P RNA in Gemmata and anammox planctomycete bacteria. Fems Microbiology Letters, 268 2: 244-253. doi:10.1111/j.1574-6968.2006.00597.x 59   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
van Niftrik, L., Geerts, W., van Donselaar, E., Humbel, B., Webb, R., Fuerst, J., Verkleij, A., Jetten, M. and Strous, M. (2008) Linking Ultrastructure and Function in Four Genera of Anaerobic Ammonium-Oxidizing Bacteria: Cell Plan, Glycogen Storage, and Localization of Cytochrome c Proteins. Journal of Bacteriology, 190 2: 708-717. doi:10.1128/JB.01449-07 118   54 Cited 64 times in Scopus64 0
Jetten, M. S. M., Wagner, M., Fuerst, J., van Loosdrecht, M., Kuenen, G. and Strous, M. (2001) Microbiology and application of the anaerobic ammonium oxidation ('anammox') process. Current Opinion In Biotechnology, 12 3: 283-288. doi:10.1016/S0958-1669(00)00211-1 263   187 Cited 219 times in Scopus219 3
Jetten, M. S., Van de Pas-Schoonen, K. T., Fuerst, J. A., Wagner, M., Kuenen, J. G. and Strous, M. (2001). Microbiology of the anaerobic ammonium oxidation 'anammox' process. In: 9th International Society for Microbial Ecology Conference. ISME-9, Amsterdam, ((Abstract)). 26-31 Aug, 2001. 324  
Schmidt, I., Sliekers, O., Schmid, M., Bock, E., Fuerst, J., Kuenen, J. G., Jetten, M. S. M. and Strous, M. (2003) New concepts of microbial treatment processes for the nitrogen removal in wastewater. Fems Microbiology Reviews, 27 4: 481-492. doi:10.1016/S0168-6445(03)00039-1 178   191 Cited 235 times in Scopus235 0
Webb, R. I., Lindsay, M., Strous, M., Jetten, M. S., Lafi, F. F. and Fuerst, J. A. (2004). Novel compartmentalisation in bacteria. In: Proceedings of Microscopy and Microanalysis 2004. Microscopy and Microanalysis 2004, Savannah, U.S.A., (). August 2004. 45  
Webb, R. I., Lindsay, M., Strous, M., Jetten, M. S. and Fuerst, J. A. (2004). Novel structural organisation of planctomycete bacteria. In: Proceedings of ACEM 18. ACEM 18, Geelong, Australia, (). 2-6 February 2004. 44  
Fuerst, J. A., Lindsay, M. R., Strous, M., Jetten, M. S. and Webb, R. I. (2002). Novel structural organization for bacteria illustrated by planctomycetes Gemmata obscuriglobus and 'anammox' bacteria. In: 15th International Congress on Electron Microscopy. 15th International Congress on Electron Microscopy, Durban, ((Abstract)). 1-6 September, 2002. 239  
Strous, M., Kuenen, J. G., Fuerst, J. A., Wagner, M. and Jetten, M. S. M. (2002) The anammox case - A new experimental manifesto for microbiological eco-physiology. Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek International Journal of General And Molecular Microbiology, 81 1-4: 693-702. doi:10.1023/A:1020590413079 92   52 Cited 52 times in Scopus52 0
van Niftrik, L. A., Fuerst, J. A., Damste, J. S. S., Kuenen, J. G., Jetten, M. S. M. and Strous, M. (2004) The anammoxosome: an intracytoplasmic compartment in anammox bacteria. Fems Microbiology Letters, 233 1: 7-13. doi:10.1016/j.femsle.2004.01.044 178   100 Cited 113 times in Scopus113 3
Sinninghe-Damste, J. S., Rijpstra, W. I. C., Schouten, S., Fuerst, J. A., Jetten, M. S. and Strous, M. (2004) The occurrence of hopanoids in planctomycetes: implications for the sedimentary biomarker record. Organic Geochemistry, 35 5: 561-566. doi:10.1016/j.orrgeochem.2004.01.013 121   105 Cited 114 times in Scopus114 0