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Roberts, G. L., Laurence, J., Williams, G. and Raphael, B. (1997). A comparison of psychiatric morbidity resulting from interpersonal and impersonal traumatic events. In: ISTSS 13th Annual Conference. 13th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Traumatic Studies, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, (). 6-­10 November, 1997. 62  
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Reser, J. P., Gridley, H., Pittock, A., Raphael, B. and Uzzell, D. (2008). Climate change public forum. Urgency and agency: How crucial is psychology in addressing the challenges of climate change?. In: APS conference Proceedings Proceedings for the 2008 43rd APS Annual Conference. The 43rd APS Annual Conference: Climate change public forum, Hobart, Tasmania, (). 23-27 September 2008. 165  
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Turner, J., Meldrum, L. and Raphael, B. (1995). Preventive aspects of occupational mental health. In Beverley Raphael and Graham D Burrows (Ed.), Handbook of studies on preventive psychiatry (pp. xx-xx) Amsterdam, The Netherlands; New York, USA: Elsevier. 39  
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Moore, M., Noller, B. N., Donald, K. J., Raphael, B., Duggan, J., Kearsley, J. and Kaldor, J. (2001) Report of the Expert Committee to Examine Balkan Veteran Expsoure to Depleted Uranium Brisbane, Australia: NRCET 52  
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