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O'Brien, M., Byers, H. K., Huber, T. L., Jacobsen, I., Bulmer, M., Burgh, G., Crosthwaite, C. A., Harrison, J. and Hughes, C. P. (2005). Actualising research-led teaching and learning within university curriculum. In: Challenging issues for teaching and learning in 21st century. Effective Teaching and Learning Conference, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, (). 3-4 November, 2005. 217  
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Firth, B., O'Brien, M., Holtham, P., Scott, N., Hu, S., Dixon, R. and Burger, A. (2014). Dynamic impacts of plant feed and operating practices on a dense medium cyclone (DMC) circuit. In: Glenn Sherritt, ACPS 2015: 15th Australian Coal Preparation Conference & Exhibition, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia, (). 14-18 September, 2014. 60  
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London, MJ, Coll, JR, Shroyer, ALW, O'Brien, M and Villaneuva, C (1999). Implementation of the fast track clinical pathway in a multicenter study: Associations of anesthetic agents with covariate adjusted SICU length of stay. In: Anesthesiology. , , (U146-U146). . 22   0
Ng, S. K., O'Brien, M. F., Harrocks, S. N. and McLachlan, G. J. (2002) Influence of patient age and implantation technique on the probability of re-replacement of the homograft aortic valve. Journal of Heart Valve Disease, 11 2: 217-223. 108   4 Cited 4 times in Scopus4
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Koehbach, J., O'Brien, M., Muttenthaler, M., Akcan, M., Smith, T. J., Craik, D. J., Freissmuth, M. and Gruber, C. W. (2013). Peptide GPCRs as molecular targets for plant cyclotides. In: Biopolymers. 23rd American Peptide Symposium, Waikoloa Hi, (252-252). Jun 22-27, 2013. 30   0
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