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Nielsen, KJ, Barron, PR, Craik, DJ, Lambert, PF and Wade, JD (1991) 2-Dimensional Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Study of Brain Natriuretic Peptide in Aqueous-Solution. Biochemistry International, 25 2: 199-210. 41   2
Pallaghy, PK, Nielsen, KJ, Craik, DJ and Norton, RS (1994) A Common Structural Motif Incorporating a Cystine Knot and a Triple-Stranded Beta-Sheet in Toxic and Inhibitory Polypeptides. Protein Science, 3 10: 1833-1839. 62   337
Nielsen, KJ, Thomas, L, Lewis, RJ, Alewood, PF and Craik, DJ (1996) A consensus structure for omega-conotoxins with different selectivities for voltage-sensitive calcium channel subtypes: Comparison of MVIIA, SVIB and SNX-202. Journal of Molecular Biology, 263 2: 297-310. doi:10.1006/jmbi.1996.0576 52   68 Cited 63 times in Scopus63 0
Wilson, JC, Nielsen, KJ, McLeish, MJ and Craik, DJ (1994) A Determination of the Solution Conformation of the Nonmammalian Tachykinin Eledoisin by Nmr and Cd Spectroscopy. Biochemistry, 33 22: 6802-6811. doi:10.1021/bi00188a008 47   24 Cited 19 times in Scopus19 0
Craik, DJ, McLeish, MJ and Nielsen, KJ (1993). Alpha-Helix Formation in a Peptide Corresponding to the N-Terminal 13 Residues of T4-Lysozyme. In: Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. , , (272-272). . 36   0
Nielsen, KJ, Alewood, D, Andrews, J, Kent, Sbh and Craik, DJ (1994) An H-1-Nmr Determination of the 3-Dimensional Structures of Mirror-Image Forms of a Leu-5 Variant of the Trypsin-Inhibitor From Ecballium-Elaterium (eeti-Ii). Protein Science, 3 2: 291-302. 45   36
McLeish, MJ, Nielsen, KJ, Wade, JD and Craik, DJ (1993) A Peptide Corresponding to the N-Terminal 13 Residues of T4-Lysozyme Forms An Alpha-Helix. Febs Letters, 315 3: 323-328. doi:10.1016/0014-5793(93)81187-5 32   17 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
McLeish, MJ, Nielsen, KJ, Najbar, LV, Wade, JD, Lin, F, Doughty, MB and Craik, DJ (1994) Conformation of a Peptide Corresponding to T4 Lysozyme Residues-59-81 by Nmr and Cd Spectroscopy. Biochemistry, 33 37: 11174-11183. doi:10.1021/bi00203a013 28   34 Cited 29 times in Scopus29 0
Skjaerbaek, N, Nielsen, KJ, Lewis, RJ, Alewood, P and Craik, DJ (1997) Determination of the solution structures of conantokin-G and conantokin-T by CD and NMR spectroscopy. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 272 4: 2291-2299. 110   70
Schroeder, CI, Nielsen, KJ, Adams, DA, Loughnan, M, Thomas, L, Bourne, GT, Smythe, ML, Alewood, PF, Craik, DJ and Lewis, RJ (2004). From Omega-Conotoxins to Macrocycle Mimetics. In: Journal of Peptide Science. , , (95-95). . 35   0
McManus, AM, Nielsen, KJ, Marcus, JP, Harrison, SJ, Green, JL, Manners, JM and Craik, DJ (1999) MiAMP1, a novel protein from Macadamia integrifolia adopts a Greek key beta-barrel fold unique amongst plant antimicrobial proteins. Journal of Molecular Biology, 293 3: 629-638. doi:10.1006/jmbi.1999.3163 100   29 Cited 33 times in Scopus33 0
Nielsen, KJ, Heath, RL, Anderson, MA and Craik, DJ (1995) Structures of a Series of 6-Kda Trypsin-Inhibitors Isolated From the Stigma of Nicotiana-Alata. Biochemistry, 34 44: 14304-14311. doi:10.1021/bi00044a007 18   33 Cited 31 times in Scopus31 0
Nielsen, KJ, Hill, JM, Anderson, MA and Craik, DJ (1996) Synthesis and structure determination by NMR of a putative vacuolar targeting peptide and model of a proteinase inhibitor from Nicotiana alata. Biochemistry, 35 2: 369-378. doi:10.1021/bi952228i 20   23 Cited 25 times in Scopus25 0
Nielsen, KJ, Heath, RL, Anderson, MA and Craik, DJ (1994) The 3-Dimensional Solution Structure by H-1-Nmr of a 6-Kda Proteinase-Inhibitor Isolated From the Stigma of Nicotiana-Alata. Journal of Molecular Biology, 242 3: 231-243. doi:10.1006/jmbi.1994.1575 26   24 Cited 20 times in Scopus20 0