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Monti, Martin M., Grant, Simon and Osherson, Daniel N. (2005) A note on concave utility functions. Mind and Society, 4 1: 85-96. doi:10.1007/s11299-005-0006-7 41   0
Martins, M. U., Quinn, K. R., Savarimuthu Francis, S. M., Wright, C. M., Tan, M. E., Passmore, L. H., McCaul, E., Relan, V., Sriram, K. B., Davidson, M. R., De Laat, J. A., Parris, B. A., Campbell, J., Shaw, E. F., Tjahjadi, J., Hunter, S. C., Larsen, J. E., Clarke, B. E., Duhig, E. E., Zimmerman, P. V., Yang, I. A., Bowman, R. V. and Fong, K. M. (2010). Banking of tissues and body fluids for translational lung research. In: Respirology. Special Issue: The Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand and the Australian & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science 2010 Annual Scientific Meetings. The Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand (TSANZ) Annual Scientific Meeting 2010, Brisbane, Qld, Australia, (A69-A69). 19-24 March, 2010. doi:10.1111/j.1440-1843.2010.01736.x 73   0
Chen, A., Martin, M., Lourie, R., Burr, L., Hasnain, S., Bowler, S., Mcguckin, M. and Serisier, D. (2014). Clinical Benefits of Long-Term, Low-Dose Erythromycin in Bronchiectasis Are Not Due to Modulation of Sputum Mucin Content. In: Respirology. , , (88-88). . 27   0
Rogers, G.B., Van Der Gast, C.J., Cuthbertson, L., Thomson, S.K., Bruce, K.D., Martin, M.L. and Serisier, D.J. (2013) Clinical measures of disease in adult non-CF bronchiectasis correlate with airway microbiota composition. Thorax, 68 8: 731-737. doi:10.1136/thoraxjnl-2012-203105 13   24 Cited 31 times in Scopus31 4
Coxon, L. W., Martin, M. and Fagence, A. (2003). Computer Based Cognitive Rehabilitation with a Group of Individuals with Diverse Brain Impairment. In: W. Noble, Australian Journal of Psychology: The Abstracts of the 38th Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society. The Abstracts of the 38th Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, Perth, Western Australia, (173-173). 2-5 October 2003. 125   0
Tirado, C., Macias, J. C., Villarias, R. M., Gaiteiro, J. M., Gomez, D., Martin, M. J., Rueda, J. L., Alamo, C., Manchado, M. and Infante, C. (2005) Conclusiones derivadas del estudio sobre el potencial del cultivo de mejillon Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819 en Andaluc­ia (Studies on the potential of mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis Lamarck, 1819 farming in Andalusia). Boletín. Instituto Español de Oceanografía. (Bulletin. Spanish Institute of Oceanography), 21 1-4: 455-464. 188   Cited 3 times in Scopus3
Stimson, G., Grant, M., Choquet, M., Garrison, P., Alexander, B., Argandona, M., Baingana, F., Bennett, L., Bivans, B., Carvolth, R., Gulbinat, W., Hannum, H., Isaac, M., Leverton, M., Martinic, M., Matsushita, S., McKee, M., Orley, J., Park, C., Patel, Vi., Pedlow, G., Quigley, B., Robson, G., Saunders, J., Shinfuku, N. and Tamendarova, D. Drinking in Context: Patterns, Interventions, and Partnerships. Edited by Stimson, G., Grant, M., Choquet, M. and Garrison, P. Oxford, U.K.: Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), 2007. 54  
Sriram, K. B., Tan, M. E., Savarimuthu Francis, S. M., Wright, C. M., Relan, V., Martins, M. U., Bowman, R. V., Yang, I. A. and Fong, K. M. (2011). Evaluation of EGFR mutations in NSCLC using ME-PCR and HRM. In: Supplement to Journal of Thoracic Oncology: 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC). 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC), Melbourne VIC, Australia, (S7-S7). 6-8 October 2011. doi:10.1097/01.JTO.0000394634.73009.dc 223   0 0
Koopman, P.A., Bullejos Martin, M., Loffler, K.A. and Bowles, J. (2002). Expression-based strategies for discovery of genes involved in testis and ovary development. In: Derek Chadwick and Jamie Goode, Novartis Foundation Symposia. The genetics and biology of sex determination, Novartis Foundation, London, (240-249). 1-3 May, 2001. 91  
Berkovic, S. F., Serratosa, J. M., Phillips, H. A., Xiong, L., Andermann, E., Diaz-Otero, F., Gomez-Garre, P., Martin, M., Fernandez-Bullido, Y., Andermann, F., Lopes-Cendes, I., Dubeau, F., Desbiens, R., Scheffer, I. E. and Wallace, R. H. (2004) Familial partial epilepsy with variable foci: Clinical features and linkage to chromosome 22q12. Epilepsia, 45 9: 1054-1060. doi:10.1111/j.0013-9580.2004.30502.x 180   39 Cited 42 times in Scopus42 5
Martin, M., Wright, M., Smith, G., Geffen, G. M. and Geffen, L. B. (2000). Finding genes for cognition: The ultimate reduct. In: D.Maher and G.Teehan, Australian Journal of Psychology. 27th Annual Experimental Psychology Conference, Novotel Twin Waters Resort Queensland, (40). 27 - 30 April 2000. 45  
Chen, A., Lourie, R., Martin, M., Burr, L., Hasnain, S., Fantino, E., Bowler, S., Mcguckin, M. and Serisier, D. (2014). Human Neutrophil Elastase Activity and Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity Are Markers of Disease Severity in Non-Cf Bronchiectasis. In: Thoracic Society of Australia & New Zealand and the Australian & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science 2014 Annual Scientific Meetings, Adelaide Australia, (87-87). 4-9 April 2014. doi:10.1111/resp.12263_6 28   0 0
Visser, S., Martin, M. and Serisier, D. J. (2012) Improvements in Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease and Airway Inflammation Associated with Etanercept Therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis: A Case Report. Lung, 190 5: 579-581. doi:10.1007/s00408-012-9393-9 26   2 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 2
Serisier, D. J. and Martin, M. L. (2011) Long-term, low-dose erythromycin in bronchiectasis subjects with frequent infective exacerbations. Respiratory Medicine, 105 6: 946-949. doi:10.1016/j.rmed.2011.01.009 54   29 Cited 39 times in Scopus39 0
Martin, M. and King, C.A. (2004). Participatory action research and the dairy industry. In: Proceedings of the 1st Australian Farming Systems Association Conference. Australian Farming Systems Conference: Farming Systems in the Future, Toowoomba, Qld, Australia, (). 7-10 September, 2003. 41  
Thomas, J. D., Mohammed, O., Slaughter, R. E., Feuntes, M., Crossin, J., Marshall, H., Wright, C. M., Martins, M. U., Tan, M. E., Yang, I. A., Fong, K. M. and Bowman, R. V. (2011). Relationships between pleural plaques, lung asbestos content and asbestos exposure in Australians with or at risk of lung cancer. In: Abstracts of the 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC). 3rd Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC), Melbourne, Australia, (S9-S10). 6-9 October 2010. doi:10.1097/01.JTO.0000394634.73009.dc 133   0 0
Goh, F., Daniels, M., Shaw, J. G., Courtney, D., Passmore, L., McCaul, L., Duhig, E., Clarke, B., Parsonson, K., Brady, J., Butler, D., Martins, M., Davidson, M., Wright, C. M., Martin, J., Morrison, L., Relan, V, Savarimuthu, F. S. M., Windsor, M. N., Matar, K. S., Naidoo, R., Tam, R., Colosimo, M., Yang, I. A., Bowman, R., V and Fong, K. M. (2012). Screening lung Tumour tissue for whole genome sequencing. In: Abstracts of the 4th Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC). 4th Australian Lung Cancer Conference (ALCC), Adelaide SA, Australia, (S168-S169). 23-25 August 2012. doi:10.1097/JTO.0b013e318268ff90 31   0 2
Bullejos Martin, M., Bowles, J. and Koopman, P. A. (2001) Searching for missing pieces of the sex-determination puzzle. Journal of Experimental Zoology, 290 5: 517-522. doi:10.1002/jez.1095 66   12 Cited 12 times in Scopus12 0
Bolm, C, Martin, M, Gescheidt, G, Palivan, C, Neshchadin, D, Bertagnolli, H, Feth, M, Schweiger, A, Mitrikas, G and Harmer, J (2003) Spectroscopic investigations of bis(sulfoximine) copper(II) complexes and their relevance in asymmetric catalysis. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 125 20: 6222-6227. doi:10.1021/ja027870w 14   41 Cited 43 times in Scopus43 0
Marques, F. R. B., Feitosa Filho, G., Rodrigues, A. C., Jardim, C., Pimenta, E., Nishizawa, W. A. T., Betbedé, A., Martins, M. J. and Timerman, A. (2003). Students Profile of ACLS Students in FUNCOR Training Center. In: Canadian Journal of Cardiology. 56th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress 2003 held jointly with the XIX InterAmerican Congress of Cardiology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (). 24-29 October 2003. 135  
Benders, Martin M. (1974). The relationship between cost of capital and capital structure , Dept. of Commerce, The University of Queensland. 35  
Holm-Martin, M, Atwell, R.B., Lindsey, M and Robinson, S. (2001). Twelve months heartworm prevention in dogs - Moxidectin 10% slow release injection. In: 18th Int. Conf. of the World Assoc. for the advancement of veterinary parasitology. Moxidecton Symposium, Streza, Italy, (1-200). 26-30th August 2001. 220