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Murphy, Helen T., O'Connell, Deborah A., Seaton, Gary, Raison, R. John, Rodriguez, Luis C., Braid, Andrew L., Kriticos, Darren J., Jovanovic, Tom, Abadi, Amir, Betar, Michael, Brodie, Heather, Lamont, Malcolm, McKay, Marshall, Muirhead, George, Plummer, Julie, Arpiwi, Ni Luh, Ruddle, Brian, Saxena, Sagun, Scott, Paul T., Stucley, Colin, Thistlethwaite, Bob, Wheaton, Bradley, Wylie, Peter and Gresshoff, Peter M. (2012) A common view of the opportunities, challenges, and research actions for Pongamia in Australia. Bioenergy Research, 5 3: 778-800. doi:10.1007/s12155-012-9190-6 203 1 5 Cited 7 times in Scopus7 0
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Byrne, D, Dillon, H, Tran, K, Arlinger, S, Wilbraham, K, Cox, R, Hagerman, B, Hetu, R, Kei, J, Lui, C, Kiessling, J, Kotby, MN, Nasser, Nha, Elkholy, Wah, Nakanishi, Y, Oyer, H, Powell, R, Stephens, D, Meredith, R, Sirimanna, T, Tavartkiladze, G, Frolenkov, GI, Westerman, S and Ludvigsen, C (1994) An International Comparison of Long-Term Average Speech Spectra. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 96 4: 2108-2120. doi:10.1121/1.410152 176   189 Cited 216 times in Scopus216 0
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Lui, C., Adams, J., Broom, A. and Sibbritt, D. (2010). Creating wellbeing and managing chronic conditions: Use of complementary and alternative medicine among mid-age Australian women. In: ICCMR 2010 abstract book. 5th International Congress on Compelmentary Medicine Research (ICCMR 2010), Tromsø, Norway, (32-32). 18-21 May 2010. 70  
Luis, S. A., Habibian, M., Luis, C. R., Courtney, A., Hamilton-Craig, C., Slaughter, R. and Raffel, O. C. (2011). Diagnostic value of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging in patients presenting with troponin positive acute coronary syndromes and unobstructed coronary arteries. In: European Heart Journal. , , (366-366). . 15   0
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Ferretti, Elisabetta, Villaescusa, J. Carlos, Di Rosa, Patrizia, Fernandez-Diaz, Luis C., Longobardi, Elena, Mazzieri, Roberta, Miccio, Annarita, Micali, Nicola, Selleri, Licia, Ferrari, Giuliana and Blasi, Francesco (2006) Hypomorphic mutation of the TALE gene Prep1 (pKnox1) causes a major reduction of Pbx and Meis proteins and a pleiotropic embryonic phenotype. Molecular and Cellular Biology, 26 15: 5650-5662. doi:10.1128/MCB.00313-06 24   47 Cited 45 times in Scopus45 1
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Lui, C. W. (2002). Modernity, social control and youth problem: Hong Kong 1945-1979. In Reading Hong Kong Popular Cultures 1970 - 2000 Revised ed. (pp. 417-442) Hong Kong: Oxford University Press. 115  
Shoo, Luke P., O’Mara, Julian, Perhans, Karin, Rhodes, Jonathan R., Runting, Rebecca K., Schmidt, Susanne, Traill, Lochran W., Weber, Lui C., Wilson, Kerrie A. and Lovelock, Catherine E. (2014) Moving beyond the conceptual: specificity in regional climate change adaptation actions for biodiversity in South East Queensland, Australia. Regional Environmental Change, 14 2: 435-447. doi:10.1007/s10113-012-0385-3 69   6 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Weber, Lui C., VanDerWal, Jeremy, Schmidt, Susanne, McDonald, William J. F. and Shoo, Luke P. (2014) Patterns of rain forest plant endemism in subtropical Australia relate to stable mesic refugia and species dispersal limitations. Journal of Biogeography, 41 2: 222-238. doi:10.1111/jbi.12219 37   2 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
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