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Jones, Peter M., O'Mara, Megan L. and George, Anthony M. (2009) ABC transporters: A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 34 10: 520-531. doi:10.1016/j.tibs.2009.06.004 151   83 Cited 82 times in Scopus82 0
Zammit, Stanley, Hamshere, Marian, Dwyer, Sarah, Georgiva, Lyudmila, Timpson, Nic, Moskvina, Valentina, Richards, Alexander, Evans, David M., Lewis, Glyn, Jones, Peter, Owen, Michael J. and O'Donovan, Michael C. (2013) A population-based study of genetic variation and psychotic experiences in adolescents. Schizophrenia Bulletin, Advance Access 1-9. doi:10.1093/schbul/sbt146 15   Cited 2 times in Scopus2 32
Hatch, Stephani L., Mishra, Gita, Hotopf, Matthew, Jones, Peter B. and Kuh, Diana (2009) Appraisals of stressors and common mental disorder from early to mid-adulthood in the 1946 British birth cohort. Journal of Affective Disorders, 119 1-3: 66-75. doi:10.1016/j.jad.2009.03.021 30   2 Cited 2 times in Scopus2 0
Jones, Peter, Dunn, Bob, Brown, Anthony, Fatovich, Daniel, Taylor, David, Hew, Ruth, Borland, Meredith, Chu, Kevin, Lawler, Anthony, Holdgate, Anna and Rosengarten, Pamela (2012) Australasian College for Emergency Medicine trainee research project bar is not too high. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 24 2: 210-212. doi:10.1111/j.1742-6723.2012.01544.x 28   1 Cited 1 times in Scopus1 0
Jones, Peter Dominic (2007) Child abuse and the 'Little Children are Sacred' report: A rural paediatrician's perspective. Rural and Remote Health, 7 3: 856.1-856.3. 54   Cited 1 times in Scopus1
Jones, Peter, Arounsavath, Frida and Victor, Michael (2008) Diagnostic study on Northern Uplands sustainable development Stockholm, Sweden: Ramboll Natura 35  
Clifton, Peter, Colquhoun, David, Hewat, Claire, Jones, Peter, Litt, John, Noakes, Manny, O'Brien, Richard, Shrapnel, Bill and Skeaff, Murray (2009) Dietary intervention to lower serum cholesterol. Australian Family Physician, 38 6: 424-429. 311   3 Cited 5 times in Scopus5
Jones, Peter D., Seoane, Leonardo, Deichmann, Richard, Jr. and Kantrow, Charles (2011) Differences and similarities in the practice of medicine between Australia and the United States of America: Challenges and opportunities for the University of Queensland and the Ochsner Clinical School. Ochsner Journal, 11 3: 253-258. 63 1 Cited 0 times in Scopus0
Jones, Peter J. (1981). Downflow of gas-solid mixtures in bottom restrained vertical standpipes PhD Thesis, School of Engineering, The University of Queensland. doi:10.14264/uql.2014.524 18   0
Doherty, Steven R., Jones, Peter D., Davis, Lin, Ryan, Nicholas J.V. and Treeve, Verity (2007) Evidence-based implementation of adult asthma guidelines in the emergency department: A controlled trial. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 19 1: 31-38. doi:10.1111/j.1742-6723.2006.00910.x 57   13 Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Steven Doherty, Jones, Peter, Stevens, Helen, Davis, Linda, Ryan, Nicholas and Treeve, Verity (2007) 'Evidence-based implementation' of paediatric asthma guidelines in a rural emergency department. Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health, 43 9: 611-616. doi:10.1111/j.1440-1754.2007.01151.x 114   Cited 13 times in Scopus13 0
Crowley, Elesa, Williams, Lauren, Roberts, Tim, Jones, Peter and Dunstan, Richard (2008) Evidence for a role of cow's milk consumption in chronic functional constipation in children: Systematic review of the literature from 1980 to 2006. Nutrition & Dietetics, 65 1: 29-35. doi:10.1111/j.1747-0080.2007.00225.x 61   3 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Nolan, Laura M., Beatson, Scott A., Croft, Larry, Jones, Peter M., George, Anthony M., Mattick, John S., Turnbull, Lynne and Whitchurch, Cynthia B. (2012) Extragenic suppressor mutations that restore twitching motility to fimL mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa are associated with elevated intracellular cyclic AMP levels. MicrobiologyOpen, 1 4: 490-501. doi:10.1002/mbo3.49 43   Cited 2 times in Scopus2 0
Jones, Peter, May, Jenny and Creighton, Amy (2008). Health service models. In Siaw-Teng Liaw and Sue Kilpatrick (Ed.), A textbook of Australian rural health (pp. 105-112) Canberra, Australia: Australian Rural Health Education Network. 29  
Jones, Peter N. and McLachlan, Geoffrey J. (1992) Improving the convergence rate of the EM algorithm for a mixture model fitted to grouped truncated data. Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, 43 1-2: 31-44. doi:10.1080/00949659208811426 20   0
Grissell, Terry V., Powell, Heather, Shafren, Darren R., Boyle, Michael J., Hensley, Michael J., Jones, Peter D., Whitehead, Bruce F. and Gibson, Peter G. (2005) Interleukin-10 gene expression in acute virus-induced asthma. American Journal of Respiratory And Critical Care Medicine, 172 4: 433-439. doi:10.1164/rccm.200412-1621OC 18   104 Cited 112 times in Scopus112 1
Jones, Peter (2008). Introduction to Section 2: Access, equity and support for rural health professionals. In Siaw-Teng Liaw and Sue Kilpatrick. (Ed.), A textbook of Australian rural health (pp. 103-104) Canberra, Australia: Australian Rural Health Education Network. 28  
Fryer, Anthony A., Ramsay, Helen M., Lovatt, Tracy J., Jones, Peter W., Hawley, Carmel M., Nicol, David L., Strange, Richard C. and Harden, Paul N. (2005) Polymorphisms in glutathione S-transferases and non-melanoma skin cancer risk in Australian renal transplant recipients. Carcinogenesis, 26 1: 185-191. doi:10.1093/carcin/bgh291 46   23 Cited 29 times in Scopus29 0
Smith, Tony and Jones, Peter (2007) Remote x-ray operator radiography: A case study in interprofessional rural clinical practice. , 21 3: 289-302. doi:10.1080/13561820701240298 113   Cited 2 times in Scopus2 0
Jones, Peter and Donald, Mal (2007) Teaching medical students about children with disabilities in a rural setting in a school. BMC Medical Education, 7 Article # 12: 1-5. doi:10.1186/1472-6920-7-12 32 1 Cited 3 times in Scopus3 0
Welham, Joy, Isohanni, Matti, Jones, Peter and McGrath, John (2009) The antecedents of schizophrenia: A review of birth cohort studies. Schizophrenia Bulletin, 35 3: 603-623. doi:10.1093/schbul/sbn084 34   76 Cited 80 times in Scopus80 6
Smith, Tony, Thornberry, Trish, Cooper, Rodney, Brown, Leanne, Williams, Lauren, Lyons, Michael and Jones, Peter (2005). The challenge of evaluating rural undergraduate multi-professional education. In: Lesley Fitzpatrick and Gordon Gregory, Proceedings of the 8th National Rural Health Conference # Central to health : sustaining well-being in remote and rural Australia. 8th National Rural Health Conference - Central to Health: Sustaining Well-Being in Remote and Rural Australia, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, (1-10). 10 - 13 March 2005. 53  
Jones, Peter Noel (1990). The fitting of finite mixture models to grouped data PhD Thesis, School of Physical Sciences. doi:10.14264/uql.2015.239 33 1 0
Jones, Peter, Larson, Ann and Couper, Ian (2008) The future, our rural populations and climate change: A special issue of Rural and Remote Health. Rural and Remote Health, 8 3: 1-1. 45   Cited 1 times in Scopus1
Chen, Wenqian, Wang, Ruiwu, Chen, Biyi, Zhong, Xiaowei, Kong, Huihui, Bai, Yunlong, Zhou, Qiang, Xie, Cuihong, Zhang, Jingqun, Guo, Ang, Tian, Xixi, Jones, Peter P., O'Mara, Megan L., Liu, Yingjie, Mi, Tao, Zhang, Lin, Bolstad, Jeff, Semeniuk, Lisa, Cheng, Hongqiang, Zhang, Jianlin, Chen, Ju, Tieleman, D. Peter, Gillis, Anne M., Duff, Henry J., Fill, Michael, Song, Long-Sheng and Chen, S. R. Wayne (2014) The ryanodine receptor store-sensing gate controls Ca2+ waves and Ca2+-triggered arrhythmias. Nature Medicine, 20 2: 184-192. doi:10.1038/nm.3440 20   9 Cited 10 times in Scopus10 110