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McDonald, RG, Riley, MJ and Hitchman, MA (1989) Analysis of the Vibrational Fine-Structure in the Electronic-Spectrum of the Planar Cucl4(2-) Ion in N-(2-Ammonioethyl)morpholinium Tetrachlorocuprate(ii) - Evidence for a Pseudotetrahedral Distortion in the 2a1g Excited Electronic State. Inorganic Chemistry, 28 4: 752-758. doi:10.1021/ic00303a028 37   18 0
McDonald, RG, Riley, MJ and Hitchman, MA (1988) Angular Overlap Treatment of the Variation of the Intensities and Energies of the D-D Transitions of the Cucl42- Ion On Distortion From a Planar Toward a Tetrahedral Geometry - Interpretation of the Electronic-Spectra of Bis(n-Benzylpiperazinium) Tetrachlorocuprate(ii) Bis(hydrochloride) and N-(2-Ammonioethyl)morpholinium Tetrachlorocuprate(ii)-. Inorganic Chemistry, 27 5: 894-900. doi:10.1021/ic00278a029 72   48 0
McDonald, RG, Riley, MJ and Hitchman, MA (1987) Derivation of a System of Hot Bands From the Electronic-Spectrum of Planar Cucl42- - Evidence for a Pseudo-Tetrahedral Distortion in the 2a1g Excited Electronic State. Chemical Physics Letters, 142 6: 529-534. doi:10.1016/0009-2614(87)80656-5 21   6 Cited 4 times in Scopus4 0
Riley, MJ, Hitchman, MA and Reinen, D (1986) Effects of Vibronic Coupling On the Electron-Paramagnetic-Res Spectra of Copper(ii) Doped K2znf4. Chemical Physics, 102 1-2: 11-28. doi:10.1016/0301-0104(86)85113-8 20   81 Cited 52 times in Scopus52 0
Steffen, G, Reinen, D, Stratemeier, H, Riley, MJ, Hitchman, MA, Matthies, HE, Recker, K, Wallrafen, F and Niklas, JR (1990) Epr and Endor Spectra of Copper(ii) Centers with D22 and Dx2-Y2 Ground-States in Ba2znf6 - Analysis of Hyperfine Parameters and Dynamic Vibronic Coupling. Inorganic Chemistry, 29 11: 2123-2131. doi:10.1021/ic00336a018 29   43 0
Stratemeier, H, Hitchman, MA, Comba, P, Bernhardt, PV and Riley, MJ (1991) Epr-Spectrum and Metal-Ligand Bonding Parameters of a Low-Spin (hexaamine)iron(iii) Complex. Inorganic Chemistry, 30 21: 4088-4093. doi:10.1021/ic00021a023 29   24 0
Headlam, H, Hitchman, MA, Stratemeier, H, Smits, Jmm, Beurskens, PT, Deboer, W, Janssen, G, Gatehouse, BM, Deacon, GB, Ward, GN, Riley, MJ and Wang, DM (1995) Interpretation of the Temperature-Dependence of the Epr-Spectrum of Cu2+-Doped (nh4)(2)[cd(nh3)(2)(cro4)(2)] and Crystal-Structures of the High-Temperature and Low-Temperature Forms of the Host Lattice. Inorganic Chemistry, 34 22: 5516-5523. doi:10.1021/ic00126a023 18   16 0
Riley, MJ, Hitchman, MA and Mohammed, AW (1987) Interpretation of the Temperature-Dependent G Values of the Cu(h2o)62+ Ion in Several Host Lattices Using a Dynamic Vibronic Coupling Model. Journal of Chemical Physics, 87 7: 3766-3778. doi:10.1063/1.452932 19   112 0
Riley, MJ, Boutchard, C, Krausz, ER and Hitchman, MA (1996) Observation of a magnetic dipole origin in the spectrum of the square planar CuCl42- ion. Chemical Physics Letters, 254 5-6: 403-409. doi:10.1016/0009-2614(96)00278-3 16   4 0
Masters, VM, Riley, MJ and Hitchman, MA (1998) Sharp vibronic spectra of Cu(II) doped Cs2ZrCl6. Chemical Physics Letters, 288 5-6: 743-748. doi:10.1016/S0009-2614(98)00297-8 50   2 0
Bebendorf, J, Burgi, HB, Gamp, E, Hitchman, MA, Murphy, A, Reinen, D, Riley, MJ and Stratemeier, H (1996) Temperature dependence of the crystal structure and EPR spectrum of bis(1,3,5-trihydroxycyclohexane)copper(II) tosylate. A unified interpretation using a model of dynamic vibronic coupling. Inorganic Chemistry, 35 25: 7419-7429. doi:10.1021/ic960343r 22   37 0
Riley, MJ and Hitchman, MA (1987) Temperature-Dependence of the Electronic-Spectrum of the Planar Cucl42- Ion - Role of the Ground-State and Excited-State Potential Surfaces. Inorganic Chemistry, 26 19: 3205-3215. doi:10.1021/ic00266a029 19   25 0
Riley, MJ, Hitchman, MA, Reinen, D and Steffen, G (1988) Temperature-Dependence of the Electron-Paramagnetic-Res Spectra of the Centers Cu(h2o)2cl4-2-, Cu(nh3)2cl4-2-, and Cu(h2o)(nh3)cl4-2- in Cu-2+-Doped Nh4cl - An Interpretation Using a Model of Dynamic Vibronic Coupling. Inorganic Chemistry, 27 11: 1924-1934. doi:10.1021/ic00284a021 32   53 0
Reinen, D, Steffen, G, Hitchman, MA, Stratemeier, H, Dubicki, L, Krausz, ER, Riley, MJ, Mathies, HE, Recker, K and Wallrafen, F (1991) The Optical-Spectrum of Ba2zn[cu]f6. Chemical Physics, 155 1: 117-125. doi:10.1016/0301-0104(91)87012-K 22   16 Cited 10 times in Scopus10 0