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Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Harland, R, Griebel, PJ and Babiuk, LA (1989) 2',5' Oligoadenylate Synthetase-Activity in Bovine Peripheral-Blood Mononuclear-Cells Following Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1-Induced Respiratory-Disease - a Prognostic Indicator. Journal of Interferon Research, 9 2: 159-166. doi:10.1089/jir.1989.9.159 36   4 0
Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Griebel, PJ and Babiuk, LA (1989) 2'-5' Oligo-a-Synthetase Activity in Bovine Peripheral-Blood Leukocytes and Alveolar Macrophages Exposed to Recombinant Interferons and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research-Revue Canadienne De Recherche Veterinaire, 53 2: 161-166. 40   2
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1986) Alteration of Alveolar Macrophage Functions After Aerosol Infection with Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1. Infection and Immunity, 51 1: 344-347. 28   18
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1986) Alteration of Some Leukocyte Functions Following Invivo and Invitro Exposure to Recombinant Bovine Alpha-Interferon and Gamma-Interferon. Journal of Interferon Research, 6 2: 123-136. doi:10.1089/jir.1986.6.123 23   35 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1986) Alveolar Macrophage Characteristics - Effect of Repeated Lavages On Cell-Activity. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 13 4: 331-346. 40   15
Bielefeldtohmann, H, Sabara, M, Lawman, Mjp, Griebel, P and Babiuk, LA (1988) A Monoclonal-Antibody Detects Macrophage Maturation Antigen Which Appears Independently of Class-Ii Antigen Expression - Reactivity of Monoclonal Ebm11 with Bovine Macrophages. Journal of Immunology, 140 7: 2201-2209. 37   25
Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Fitzpatrick, DR, Rapin, N and Babiuk, LA (1989) A Neutrophil-Derived Antiviral Protein - Induction-Requirements and Biological Properties. Journal of Virology, 63 5: 1916-1923. 27   11
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1986) Bovine Alveolar Macrophages - Phenotypic and Functional-Properties of Subpopulations Obtained by Percoll Density Gradient Centrifugation. Journal of Leukocyte Biology, 39 2: 167-181. 20   16
Schuh, Jcl, Ohmann, HB, Babiuk, LA and Doige, CE (1992) Bovine Herpesvirus-1-Induced Pharyngeal Tonsil Lesions in Neonatal and Weanling Calves. Journal of Comparative Pathology, 106 3: 243-253. doi:10.1016/0021-9975(92)90053-W 39   13 0
Czarniecki, CW, Anderson, KP, Fennie, EB, Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1985) Bovine Interferon-Alpha-I1 Is An Effective Inhibitor of Bovine Herpes Virus-1 Induced Respiratory-Disease. Antiviral Research, 209-215. 24   1
Ohmann, HB, Lawman, Mjp and Babiuk, LA (1987) Bovine Interferon - its Biology and Application in Veterinary-Medicine. Antiviral Research, 7 4: 187-210. doi:10.1016/0166-3542(87)90028-3 30   31 0
Ohmann, HB, Filion, LG and Babiuk, LA (1983) Bovine Monocytes and Macrophages - An Accessory Role in Suppressor-Cell Generation by Con-A and in Lectin-Induced Proliferation. Immunology, 50 2: 189-197. 25   29
Griebel, PJ, Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Qualtiere, L, Davis, WC, Lawman, Mjp and Babiuk, LA (1989) Bovine Peripheral-Blood Leukocyte Population-Dynamics Following Treatment with Recombinant Bovine Interferon-Alpha-I-1. Journal of Interferon Research, 9 2: 245-257. doi:10.1089/jir.1989.9.245 25   10 0
Campos, M, Griebel, P, Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1992) Cell-Mediated Cytotoxic Responses in Lungs Following a Primary Bovine Herpes-Virus Type-1 Infection. Immunology, 75 1: 47-52. 27   12
Ohmann, HB, Filion, LG and Babiuk, LA (1984) Cellular Interactions in the Generation of Bovine Con a Suppressor Cells and in the Mitogenic Proliferative Response. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 6 3-4: 307-320. doi:10.1016/0165-2427(84)90056-4 21   5 0
Campos, M, Rossi, CR, Ohmann, HB, Beskorwayne, T, Rapin, N and Babiuk, LA (1992) Characterization and Activation Requirements of Bovine Lymphocytes Acquiring Cytotoxic Activity After Interleukin-2 Treatment. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 32 3-4: 205-223. doi:10.1016/0165-2427(92)90047-T 20   10 0
Filion, LG, Ohmann, HB, Owen, PW and Babiuk, LA (1984) Characterization of the Bovine Secondary Invitro Antibody-Response. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology, 7 1: 19-32. doi:10.1016/0165-2427(84)90024-2 22   8 0
Crouch, CF, Ohmann, HB, Watts, TC and Babiuk, LA (1985) Chronic Shedding of Bovine Enteric Coronavirus Antigen-Antibody Complexes by Clinically Normal Cows. Journal of General Virology, 66 JUL: 1489-1500. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-66-7-1489 23   42 0
Ohmann, HB, Babiuk, LA and Harland, R (1991) Cytokine Synergy with Viral Cytopathic Effects and Bacterial Products During the Pathogenesis of Respiratory-Tract Infection. Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology, 60 2: 153-170. 34   12
Babiuk, LA, Ohmann, HB, Gifford, G, Czarniecki, CW, Scialli, VT and Hamilton, EB (1985) Effect of Bovine Alpha-1-Interferon On Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1-Induced Respiratory-Disease. Journal of General Virology, 66 NOV: 2383-2394. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-66-11-2383 21   60 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1984) Effect of Bovine Recombinant Alpha-1 Interferon On Inflammatory Responses of Bovine Phagocytes. Journal of Interferon Research, 4 2: 249-263. doi:10.1089/jir.1984.4.249 21   37 0
Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Snider, M, Rapin, N, Beskorwayne, T, Popowych, Y, Lawman, Mjp, Rossi, A and Babiuk, LA (1989) Effect of Chronic Administration of Recombinant Bovine Tumor Necrosis Factor to Cattle. Veterinary Pathology, 26 6: 462-472. 20   23
Ohmann, HB, Baker, PE and Babiuk, LA (1987) Effect of Dexamethasone On Bovine Leukocyte Functions and Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1 Replication. Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research-Revue Canadienne De Recherche Veterinaire, 51 3: 350-357. 23   6
Ohmann, HB, Gilchrist, JE and Babiuk, LA (1984) Effect of Recombinant Dna-Produced Bovine Interferon Alpha (boifn-Alpha-1) On the Interaction Between Bovine Alveolar Macrophages and Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1. Journal of General Virology, 65 SEP: 1487-1495. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-65-9-1487 20   43 0
Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, McDougall, L, Lawman, Mjp and Babiuk, LA (1990) Expression of Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha Receptors On Bovine Macrophages, Lymphocytes and Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes, Internalization of Receptor-Bound Ligand, and Some Functional-Effects. Lymphokine Research, 9 1: 43-58. 27   24
Ohmann, HB, Davis, WC and Babiuk, LA (1985) Functional and Phenotypic Characteristics of Bovine Natural Cyto-Toxic Cells. Immunobiology, 169 5: 503-519. 23   18
Ohmann, HB, Campos, M, Lawman, Mjp and Babiuk, LA (1988) Induction of Mhc Class-Ii Antigens On Bovine Cells of Nonlymphoid Origin by Recombinant Bovine Interferon-Gamma and Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha. Journal of Interferon Research, 8 4: 451-462. doi:10.1089/jir.1988.8.451 21   11 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1988) Induction of Receptors for Complement and Immunoglobulins by Herpesviruses of Various Species. Virus Research, 9 4: 335-342. doi:10.1016/0168-1702(88)90092-5 17   15 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1988) Influence of Interferon-Alpha-I1 and Interferon-Gamma and of Tumor Necrosis Factor On Persistent Infection with Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Invitro. Journal of General Virology, 69 1399-1403. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-69-6-1399 13   7 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1985) Invitro and Systemic Effects of Recombinant Bovine Interferons On Natural Cell-Mediated Cyto-Toxicity in Healthy and Bovine Herpes-Virus-1-Infected Cattle. Journal of Interferon Research, 5 4: 551-564. doi:10.1089/jir.1985.5.551 17   8 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1984) Invitro Generation of Hydrogen-Peroxide and of Superoxide Anion by Bovine Polymorphonuclear Neutrophilic Granulocytes, Blood Monocytes, and Alveolar Macrophages. Inflammation, 8 3: 251-275. doi:10.1007/BF00916415 12   34 Cited 23 times in Scopus23 0
Fitzpatrick, DR, Snider, M, McDougall, L, Beskorwayne, T, Babiuk, LA, Zamb, TJ and Ohmann, HB (1990) Molecular Mimicry - a Herpes-Virus Glycoprotein Antigenically Related to a Cell-Surface Glycoprotein Expressed by Macrophages, Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes, and Platelets. Immunology, 70 4: 504-512. 26   14
Campos, M, Ohmann, HB, Hutchings, D, Rapin, N, Babiuk, LA and Lawman, Mjp (1989) Role of Interferon-Gamma in Inducing Cyto-Toxicity of Peripheral-Blood Mononuclear Leukocytes to Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1 (bhv-1)-Infected Cells. Cellular Immunology, 120 1: 259-269. doi:10.1016/0008-8749(89)90193-7 18   38 0
Redmond, MJ, Ohmann, HB, Hughes, Hpa, Sabara, M, Frenchick, PJ, Poku, Ska, Ijaz, MK, Parker, MD, Laarveld, B and Babiuk, LA (1991). Rotavirus Particles Function as Immunological Carriers for the Delivery of Peptides From Infectious Agents and Endogenous Proteins. In: Molecular Immunology. Vaccine Symp Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of Connaught Laboratories, Toronto Canada, (269-278). Oct, 1989. doi:10.1016/0161-5890(91)90073-S 16   21 0
Campos, M, Ohmann, HB, Hughes, G, Babiuk, LA and Lawman, Mjp (1988) Studies On the Invitro Biological-Activities of Recombinant Bovine Tumor Necrosis Factor (rbotnf)-Alpha .1. Synergistic Antiviral Efficacy of Rbotnf-Alpha, Recombinant Bovine Interferon-Gamma (rboifn-Gamma) and Their Combination. Antiviral Research, 10 1-3: 71-81. doi:10.1016/0166-3542(88)90015-0 18   15 0
Ohmann, HB, Davis, WC and Babiuk, LA (1986) Surface-Antigen Expression by Bovine Alveolar Macrophages - Functional Correlation and Influence of Interferons Invivo and Invitro. Immunobiology, 171 1-2: 125-142. 27   15
Griebel, PJ, Ohmann, HB, Lawman, Mjp and Babiuk, LA (1990) The Interaction Between Bovine Herpesvirus Type-1 and Activated Bovine Lymphocyte-T. Journal of General Virology, 71 369-377. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-71-2-369 25   72 0
Filion, LG, Willson, PJ, Bielefeldtohmann, H, Babiuk, LA and Thomson, RG (1984) The Possible Role of Stress in the Induction of Pneumonic Pasteurellosis. Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine-Revue Canadienne De Medecine Comparee, 48 3: 268-274. 24   31
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1985) Viral-Bacterial Pneumonia in Calves - Effect of Bovine Herpesvirus-1 On Immunological Functions. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 151 5: 937-947. 26   75
Babiuk, LA, Lawman, Mjp and Ohmann, HB (1988) Viral Bacterial Synergistic Interaction in Respiratory-Disease. Advances in Virus Research, 35 219-249. doi:10.1016/S0065-3527(08)60713-7 42   57 0
Ohmann, HB and Babiuk, LA (1986) Viral-Infections in Domestic-Animals as Models for Studies of Viral Immunology and Pathogenesis. Journal of General Virology, 67 1-25. doi:10.1099/0022-1317-67-1-1 20   11 0